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2 responses to “Tom Ricketts Gives Jim Hendry a Vote of Confidence – Sort of”

  1. pygreg

    I would keep Hendry just for Tim. He’s not *terrible* at GM, he’s just not amazing. And I’m hoping some of the retarded deals he’s given out were because of Tribune pressure to make a profitable winning team RIGHT AWAY and maybe with more freedom we’ll have less Sorianos and Kosukes. But Wilken is awesome and I want him to stay.

    1. bric

      The last couple of years Hendry’s proven he’s good at three things: Acting like he’s smarter than everybody else, listening blindly to his coaches, and wasting money. Why else would he dump Mike Wuertz and Chad Guadin and lose a couple mil for nothing in return? Because it wasn’t his money and Pinella didn’t like ‘em. Why take a chance on Bradley? Because Lester Strode said he’s a good guy. Why else not go out and find some veteran releivers for the bullpen? Cause Pinella said that Caridad is the setup guy. Remember him?
      Make no mistake- next years’ Cubs is gonna look just like this year’s. Decent starting pitching, too many lefties in the bullpen and four rookie righties to blow one run games in April and make for another long season. Hendry’s job hinges on what he does in the next two weeks. Too bad he’s smarter than listening to all the analysts and fans because a couple of minor deals aint gonna save his job.