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11 responses to “Would Joe Girardi Leave the Yankees to Manage the Cubs?”

  1. jstraw

    I found the wording interesting for the same reasons. When the story was Torre, he said NFW without actually saying NFW. This is different. If the quotes are accurate and accurately represented, then Girardi was careful not to rule it out.

  2. KB

    Negotiating ploy.
    The Yanks are obviously dicking him around some, or else he’d have already secured a juicy extension. By introducing the idea of another “jewel” team with a massive payroll that could be seeking his services, he becomes more attractive to NY.

    To me, that seems obvious. However, if the Spankees are really playing loose with Girardi, I’d LOVE to have him with the Cubs. Not to put down what Lou has accomplished here, but most of us were pro-Girardi even 3 years ago, and he’s certainly burnished his credentials since then.

  3. jstraw

    Right. But there’s almost no practical difference between a negotiating ploy and hedging one’s bets. For it to be an effective ploy, the Yankees have to believe there’s a threat that it’s real. If there’s a threat that it’s real…it could be real. So, yeah…play hardball, Joe. We’ll be your safety net.

    1. KB

      Totally agree with that post. I think he’s a far better choice than Ryno, though I have fond feelings for the HOFer (like every Cub fan does).

      1. jstraw

        I still want a list of every HOFer that led a team to the post season as a manager.

        1. KB

          Tris Speaker, Lou Boudreau, Yogi Berra…I’m sure there are others.
          But your point is apt; most HOF talents tend to not be good managers.

  4. Bric

    Though I’m pretty sure the above picture is from the announcement of Darryl Kyle’s death (which isn’t a laughing matter), the expressions of Girardi, Lieber, and Prior appear as though they’re doing their best Moe, Curly, and Larry impression. That’s kinda funny. Good pic, Ace.

  5. KB

    Leiber really does look like a cross between Scott Rolen and Curly.

  6. curt

    hey i know this is off topic but joey votto is a complete jackass and now im srry i voted the turd in srry just had 2 get that off my chest

  7. Umpirejim

    I go with Sandberg he needs young players WITH TALENT ! Sandberg is truely
    Cubby Blue. He”ll have them playing hard just like he did.