Hilarious fact (if you’re not Ted Lilly or a Cubs fan): the three runs of support that Ted Lilly received while he was in the game today was the most run support he’s received… ALL SEASON.

  • Hawkboy64

    Ace u must b part clarevoyant because here’s the tease they’ll win enough they won’t sell when thy need to them they’ll lose and they’ll bstuck

    • Ace

      Only part clairvoyant?

      • Hawkboy64

        Srry yoda ” clairvoyant he is”. Now tht we hve established yr clairvoyancy. What do u think the endgame the cubs hve in mind fr zambrano

        • Ace

          Rehabilitate his value over the last two months of the season, and dump him at a bargain basement rate over the Winter. Otherwise, they’ll suck it up and let him pitch.

          • Jeff

            I don’t see any way around it. His contract is almost the definition of untradeable, and he’s currently not pitching, less than two months since he was called back from bullpen exile. He’s been ineffective since he signed the big extension,aside from spot starts of brilliance. It seems the only one that would want anything to do with him is Ozzie Guillen and he works for one of the shrewdest gm/owner combos around. We can only hope for a Bradley/Silva type miracle trade this offseason. More than likely Big Z is a Cub for the foreseeable future.

            • bric

              Good points. If, however, the Cubs finally start selling, he’ll have a spot in the rotation when he’s ready to come back. With less stress and attention on him, he might be able to put some decent numbers together to make him more tradeable.
              Also, word is he won’t be allowed back at Wrigley until the metal detectors and bomb sniffing dogs are operational. Just in case.

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