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6 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: White Sox Join Mets in Interest in Ted Lilly”

  1. bric

    Trade Ted Lilly and Josh Vitters for Nick Evans or Ike Davis. Vitters is bound for the outfield anyway and the Mets already have David Wright at third and Davis or Evans at first. No more pitchers that at three years away from making an impact! We need a first baseman next year.

    1. Kevin G

      I like Nick Evans he is good fit. If we include Vitters I would want more. Like 2 to 3 more prospects.

  2. Tanner

    You really think it is time to sell? I would wait another week and week and half before saying we are sellers. Heck, I think if we are within 5 games, we are not sellers and I dont see them as buyers either. IF they do trade Lilly, why would you trade Vitters? There is a good chance the Aram will opt of his contract and you will need a 3B as well. Should be interesting, but I just hope they keep on winning!

    1. Kevin G

      Dont read too much into the last 2 games. We beat up the Phillies last time pretty good too. To get back into the race the Reds and Cards have to start losing and I dont see both have a big nose dive.

    2. bric

      I’d throw in Vitters because he’s going to be a bust, IMO. He’s the next player in Hendry’s “kept too long, saw too much in” category. Other players include Rich Hill, Felix Pie, Corey Patterson, Ryan Harvey, Luis Montenez, Bobby Brownley, and a bunch of others. He just doesn’t get the “buy low, sell high” theory. Vitter’s draft value is never going to be higher than now. I can keep hoping the Hendry will trade him but unfortunately he just stay down in the minors for two more years and then be released only to be picked up for nothing by the Orioles.