Tee hee.

Milwaukee Brewers manager Ken Macha says he has complained to a baseball official about his batters being hit too often by pitches.

Macha says action needs to be taken to protect the Brewers, who have been hit by 47 pitches, the most in the majors.

Macha says he spoke with Bruce Froemming, a former umpire and current special assistant for Major League Baseball’s umpiring department.

Atlanta pitchers hit Prince Fielder in consecutive games on Friday and Saturday. On Fielder’s first at-bat after hitting a homer Saturday night, Atlanta’s Jonny Venters threw a pitch over Fielder’s head. Venters was ejected after he hit Fielder on the next pitch. ESPN.

If there’s anything that says throw at us less, it’s whining to MLB about being thrown at. Smooth.

That said, the Fielder thing was a bit ridiculous – the Braves threw at him, missed, and then threw at him again. If you throw at a guy and miss, that’s that.

  • pygreg

    If Fielders huge gut wasnt always hanging over home plate, maybe they’d have less reason to whine.

  • http://424tales.blogspot.com/ Aisle 424

    Wait, a major league pitcher threw a pitch at Prince Fielder and MISSED? He should have been demoted immediately after the inning ended.

    • Ace

      Ha. Snap.

  • BT

    Someone should have plunked Ryan Howard this weekend. I was pretty stunned watching him pose while hitting a home run down by 8 runs or so.