Late last week, Fox Sports reported that Chicago Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee – a free agent at the end of this year, and speculated trade candidate – would waive his n0-trade clause if he were traded to the Los Angeles Angels.

This weekend, he said the report, which cited “friends” of Lee’s, was bunk.

“I didn’t tell (the reporter) that,” Lee said. “I would bet that not one of my friends knows who (the reporter) is. I’m not trying to be mean, but that’s not a true statement.”

Lee said no one outside his family knows his feelings about the no-trade clause, which he called a “private matter.” Chicago Breaking Sports.

I still suspect that if Lee were given the opportunity to head to a team in his home state, a team in a pennant race, he would take the opportunity, particularly if the Cubs suggest they won’t be trying to re-sign him after the season. But would the Cubs say that? It’s not as though they’ve got a first baseman waiting in the wings to replace Lee.

  • KB

    Yes we do. Adam Dunn will be a FA.
    Hendry loves guys like that.

  • Hawkboy64

    Ty Derek lee fr doing the best u could fr the cubs but it’s time fr u to move on unless yr willing to come back very cheap if yu don’t come back it was nice to hve u here and wish u well whatever happens

  • Kevin G

    Ace I got 2 trades foyour option

    Byrd to the Rays for Jake McGee (a LHP that throws up to 98), Fernando Perez OF, and Shawn O’Malley SS.

    Gorz and Flaherty to the Giants for Brandon Belt 1B and Clayton Tanner LHP. Belt is a rising star andyou wont find him on the Giants top 30 prospects, but he is hitting .388 (between A+ and AA this year) with 15 HR. He also has a .488 OBP and a slug over .600. I think we maybe a diamond in the rough and we need to grab him fast.

    • jstraw

      Keep your trady hands off my Byrd!

  • pfk

    I think you should rename this, “Air Conditioner League”. In the winter people gather around the stove to discuss baseball. In summer, people sit by the air conditioner. Show a pic of a beat up air conditioner with the little strands of torn cloth blowing.

  • jacob

    Why in the world would the cubs trade byrd he has been the cubs best player and has been one of the best players in the N.L. Central plus he brings outstanding defense and hustle to the ballpark every game whether the cubs are losing 10-1 or winning by 6 he gives 100% on the bases and in the field he also has a batting average over 300. If u ask me byrd is a player the cubs should lock up until he retires. The cubs should trade lilly, nady, and a prospect to the mets for davis,and a reliever like pelfrey, or feliciano someone who has experience in the playoffs who can tutor the young guns like cashner, russel, berg, and atkins so they could become better pitchers. Then if that happened next year if the cubs signed a ss like rollins and moved castro to second and resigned soto and added some pitchers and did not re sign lee there lineup would have soriano in left, byrd in center, colvin in right, ramirez at third, because he said he wants to stay with the cubs, rollins at shortstop, castro at second, davis at first, soto behind the plate, and a pitcher like webb or lee on the mound they could contend to win the world series.

  • jacob

    I do think the second trade you mentioned kevin is a good one considering belt is batting 388.