Though he didn’t even appear in the game, last night’s shellacking of Carlos Silva made it incrementally more likely that Chicago Cubs starter Ted Lilly would be traded. With just over a week to go before the non-waiver trade deadline on July 31, the Cubs are no doubt continuously evaluating their position vis a vis the other teams in the NL Central. And when you get blown out by one of the worst teams, it becomes a whole lot easier to think sell-sell-sell, even if it’s just “one game.”

With that as a backdrop, we can add another team to the list of suitors for Ted Lilly’s services: the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Losers of four in a row and with 13 of their next 17 games against the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres, the Dodgers, according to baseball sources, have been very aggressive in their pursuit of pitching, both for the rotation and the bullpen. They continue to call the Houston Astros on Roy Oswalt(notes), the Chicago Cubs on Ted Lilly(notes), the Diamondbacks on Haren and even the Cleveland Indians on Jake Westbrook(notes) and Fausto Carmona(notes). Yahoo! Sports.

The only team for which there have been reports of real talks or prospect scouting is the New York Mets, and recently those reports have cooled. It’s good to know there are a number of teams interested in Lilly – the Mets, Dodgers, Tigers, Yankees, Twins, White Sox, among others – but right now, concrete details are a scarcity.

  • marc

    Ive been hearing all these teams involved, but what team should we be hoping for with the best prospects involved?

  • Tanner

    Marc, I dont think the right word is “prospects”. I am getting the impression that the Cubs want players that can come into the big leagues next year. Sounds like Soto has a better and better chance of moving to 3rd, and Colvin moving to 1st next year. That would open up catcher, and I am hoping that want somebody that can play 3rd next year!

  • marc

    Are they seriously thinking they will get anyone that will help them win next year from any of these teams. If they did, wouldn’t they just keep them? In my eyes, we need to think young. Risk a few years of maybe below average play. Its not like were playing too well right now… we cant even beat Pittsburgh or Houston… reset button needs to be hit