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6 responses to “Tom Ricketts: Jim Hendry is the Cubs GM “Going Into Next Year””

  1. Butcher

    Just kill me and get it over with.

  2. bric

    Well, a couple of things can be surmised from this… Forget about any major trades in the next couple of weeks. Lee, Lilly, Fuke, Silva, Z and Theriot are all safe until December. Hendry has already promised that this club will be competitive next year, and in his mind, that’s the team he presently has. After the season Lilly and Lee will leave like Harden and Johnson before them. Nady will be traded for a couple of 1A pitchers. Next years’ opening bullpen: Stevens, Berg, Parker, Samardjia, Marmol, Marshall, and Russell (half of these guys will make the team based on a couple of meaningless September holds and saves and will be sent back down by May). Then we’ll know it wasn’t Baker, Pinella, or any other coach. It was Hendry’s missmanagement all along.

  3. curt

    are yu serious cmon the bradley signing should hve been enough by itself fr hendry 2 be fired let alone all the no-trades and the length of sorianos deal , cant balme him completely fr zambrano but if yu wanted 2 deal someone why would yu make it so no onw would want him, same with bradley, and in closing what has hendry done 2 deserve this much loyalty from ricketts

  4. rgrchicubs16

    fucking fat piece of shit…hendry is a waste of space in the cubs organization he at least should sign Lee and Ramirez…our bull pen is a joke…and dempster what a waste of a signing i knew his good year was a fluke! we should have signed and traded his ass for some prospects…i feel like this years team is a remake of Major League

  5. Tanner

    People, what if Hendry comes out this off seaon and signs Crawford, and Clif Lee? What I think we should do, sign Hudson, resign Ramirez, sign Carl Crawford, trade Fukudome, see what Sheets and Webb would want. Outfield starters: Byrd, Soriano, and Crawford. 1st base: Tyler Colvin; 2nd base: Hudson/Theriot; ss: Castro; 3rd base: Ramierz; Catcher: Soto. Starting pitching: Cliff Lee, Ryan Dempster, Zambrano, Wells, Gorzelanny/Webb/ Sheets. The bullpen just needs a lot of work haha. Closer: Marmol. Left hand specialist: Marshall. then who knows! TRADE Samardzija. Bears might be looking for a WR! This kid can not do it in the majors, he does great in AAA, though!

    And the manager has to be Sandberg, but I would love to see Brenly to be manager and Sandberg as bench coach! That would be a good way for him to learn to manage in the big leagues. Then, they should trry to get Maddux to be the pitchin coach!

    1. bric

      Ricketts wants to cut payroll, not expand it. Guys like Lee and Crawford are going to cost a lot of money and I don’t think he is willing to spend it. By next year the payroll will be down around 110 mil which is probably where he’ll keep it. Only free agent signings will be cheap one year deals similar to Nady’s.