Enhanced Box Score: Cardinals 5, Cubs 6 – July 24, 2010

Oh, Cubs. Cubs, Cubs, Cubs. Look, I’m never going to root against the Cubs – especially against the Cardinals. But how do you go from losing 2 of 3 to the HORRIBLE Astros to taking two in a row against the legitimately good Cardinals? And in the week before the trade deadline! Argh.

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17 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cardinals 5, Cubs 6 – July 24, 2010”

  1. jstraw

    What the hell does Roy mean?

  2. Dingo

    Rookie of the Year

    Or he is good at singing and yodeling Roy Rogers classics

    1. jstraw

      Damn…I didn’t notice the periods.

      1. ed


  3. Raymond Robert Koenig

    Now you’re rooting against them? True Cub fan. Either way, it doesn’t matter how many more games they win or lose the rest of the season. All it does is change their position in next year’s draft. And the draft is just a crapshoot. Enjoy the wins. Agonize over the losses. This team will never win it all until it get rid of Hendry and the new GM hires Girardi or LaRussa.

    1. Jacob

      LaRussa is a douche. Girardi, Torre, Sandberg. Top three. Hoping Girardi gets it. With Sandberg on his staff. Then all that will be left is to get rid of Hendry and Rothschild. As for players….I don’t think many of them are going anywhere so I won’t bother.

      1. brian

        I have to say that if the job doesn’t go to Ryne he’s gonna take a job somewhere else, there is no way he becomes someone’s bench coach. So in other words if Girardi or Torre come here (or anyone else for that matter) Sandberg is gone and will probably stick it to the Cubs every time we play his team. That being said he is unproven and I have no idea what kind of Manager he will be and if players (the higher paid ones) will listen to him. If the choice was mine to be made I would give the job to Ryne in order to keep him in the Cubs organization as long as he is ready to Manage a major league team. Worse case scenario we fire him while rebuilding.

  4. jstraw

    The only thing Joe Torre will be managing next season is to keep all you kids off his lawn.

  5. Jeff

    As much as I like Castro and what he’s doing, he probably doesn’t get R.O.Y. Gabe Sanchez in Florida and Jaime Garcia in StL should probably be the front runners, his own teammate Tyler Colvin has to be in the discussion, Mike Leake has tailed off, but he’s got to be considered, and Buster Posey is still batting .358 with pretty decent power numbers. Add in Jason Heyward, Mike Stanton, and Ike Davis, this rookie class is stacked, so it will be tough for Castro even if he can keep up this hot streak.

    1. jstraw

      Gee…and I thought Heyward was supposed to be a lock, the first time he took the field.

  6. ed

    a lot of good rookies this year, so far sanchez has some nice numbers, but…..
    everybody has got to be a little jealous of the cubs for sporting TWO nice rookies

    1. Jeff

      Make that 3 nice rookies, ed. Andrew Cashner has been pretty good too.

      1. Tanner

        He will get there in time, i mean throwing 96mph is something that everybody cant do.