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6 responses to “Obsessive Lilly Trade Watch: Cubs Would Like to Deal Lilly Before Tuesday”

  1. Tanner

    Anyway the Cubs could put some more players in the deal so they could get a Ike Davis?

  2. Tanner

    Who knows, but if I was the Cubs I would start with that conversation. Who all would they want for him. Maybe, they would want Derek Lee, lol

  3. Tanner

    Haha, yea!

  4. Kevin G

    Ok Ace I got a less complicated 4 way traded:

    Cubs send Lilly to the Mets and Logan Watkins or Chris Carpenter to the Royals.

    The Mets send Reese Havens and Kyle Allen to the Cubs and send Francoeur to the Royals.

    Royals send Guillens to the Giants.

    Giants send Brandon Belt and Clayton Tanner to the Cubs and send a PTBNL to the Royals.