The Twitterverse (*shudder* I’ll never use that term again, I promise) is atwitter (but I’ll use that one as much as I please) with tidbits about Derrek Lee and Ted Lilly, so we’ll just pound ‘em out, bullet style:

  • Jayson Stark says a source close to Derrek Lee says he won’t be waiving his no-trade clause. If true, it’s unfortunate. I understand that guys negotiate for no-trade protection (or earn it via 10-5 rights) so that they can stay where they want, but when a guy is just a couple of months out from free agency, it’s not quite the same thing as being traded a year into a five-year deal. Derrek – just waive it, baby. You can come back next year.
  • Lee refusing to waive his no-trade clause probably moots Bob Nightengale’s suggestion that the Texas Rangers are taking a hard look at Derrek Lee. You know, I probably should have reversed these bullets.
  • Add the Yankees to the list of teams coming after Ted Lilly says Jon Heyman. Ignore the part of the tweet where Heyman says the word “tho,” despite clearly having the requisite remaining characters to say “though.”
  • brian

    I just heard that Lee will most likely not be back next year and that Colvin or Ramirez could take over at first. Ace (or anyone) do you know if Colvin was even any good at first when he was in college and HS?

    • jstraw

      You heard this where?

      • brian

        I don’t remember, there’s a good chance it was just a blog saying some random crap, it doesn’t really matter, ignore the first part for all i care, I am just trying to figure out if Colvin was any good playing First.

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