According to Chicago Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry, the Cubs have
entertained offers from both the Angels and the Rangers over the past
10 days, but Derrek Lee has declined to accept a trade. Lee has
informed the team that he prefers to finish out his contract year with
the Cubs, and, as a guy who’s been in the league 10 years with at
least the last five spent on the same team, it is his right to do so.

I can’t criticize the guy for exercising his rights, as I do not know
him personally, or the factors that went into such a decision. That
said, this is really unfortunate news for the Cubs, who are going
nowhere this year. Lee could, of course, accept a trade, and then
re-sign with the Cubs after the season. As it is, he is unlikely to be
offered arbitration at the end of the year, due to his exhorbitant
2010 salary, and the Cubs will get nothing if he walks after this

Source: ESPNChicago.com

  • KB

    It says something about a guy who decides to stay on a terrible team, when he could accept a trade to a 1st-place team that is almost certainly going to the playoffs.

    • Sugarnaut

      Yeah! he’s a nice well-mannered loser who has never been more thatn the 10th best first basemen in the NL,where all the good teams have GREAT firstbasemen. He does have class though. I wouldn’t throw him off the team,but i wouldn’t cry if he walked away. There isn’t any contract on this team that’s gonna make me cry when it expires. And don’t add any more LSU guys under six feet please! Where trying to field a men’s baseball team here.

    • jstraw

      The Angels are in 3rd, 8.5 games back.

  • Willis

    Yeah but does it say good or bad? Committed and dedicated or simply content with losing? Dude is no spring chicken, if a contender came calling and I were him I would waive it just to have one more shot at the playoffs. JMO.

  • Serio

    He’s an asshole

  • Gargantua!

    Love it…love him.

    Hope he stays forever.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    The ultimate team player.

  • brian

    I’m gonna give Lee the benefit of the doubt hoping he’s not intending on just fucking the Cubs over and has personal reasons for 10-5ing the trade to the Angels. I don’t see why he wouldn’t other than that. Also there’s no point in name calling, he was a team leader, a good player, and overall a classy guy, now it’s just time for him and the Cubs to part.

  • Serio

    Love it…love him?? Hope he stays forever?? He was a team leader, a good player, and overall a classy guy(Who gives a SHIT)…HOW ON GODS GREEN EARTH DOES THIS HELP THE CUBS?? I WANT TO WIN…do you people want to win??? D-Lee AVG .248 · HR 11 · RBI 44….Thats not good. I would sit him as much as i could….MAYBE bring up Micah Hoffpauir or let Tyler Colvin play first.

    • brian

      I understand wanting to win now but this season is over and has been over since June(maybe earlier), but if we fucked Derrek Lee over don’t you think it would show other players the Cubs don’t respect their veterans? Also Micah Hoffpauir, really??? A 30 year old career minor leaguer hitting .252 at AAA over a veteran leader hitting .248, that’s a tough one. Also, I’m all for Tyler Colvin playing first I just have no idea if he was any good or not, maybe it’s the reason why he was moved to the outfield, I just don’t know and if someone did that’d be great and maybe next year it would be a viable option next season instead of throwing money out the door at some FA who everyone will be complaining about when his contract comes to an end and he is slumping in his old age

  • Jim

    Derrek’s production has definately tailed off. His production the entire time he was a cub mirrors this season…inconsistent. Not sure how or who named Derrek the unofficial leader of this team but Derrek always seemed like a “tip your cap ” kinda of guy. Winning or losing his disposition never seems to change…no passion. He was the one who kept saying “it’s early…there’s a lot of time”. Mr doubleplay doesn’t want to move his family but he’s going to have to move em in another couple months anyway. I can’t help but think he is doing this out of spite. if he was a winner, why wouldn’t he want to go to a contender? If there was 2 or 3 years left on his contract, I could see it. Makes no sense.

    • Ace

      I’m positive he’s not doing it out of spite – we can be angry (I am), but we can’t presume to know what is going on in his life that might lead to him not wanting to move for a few months. It’s his right – I don’t like it, but it’s his right.

      • Jim

        A few years ago when Jim Hendry went to Greg Maddux asking him to approve a trade to the Padres, we didn’t get the big Soap Opera. There is a big difference between players like Maddux and lee. One is a winner and I’m not sure I can say that about Lee. I agree, it is his right to decline but that clause is put in contracts in case a team trys to trade a player with a lot of time on thier contracts. With 2 months left….what difference does it make? Still makes no sense.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    The Cubs have to pay him whether they play him or sit him or trade him. How about this? Release him. Maybe the rest of the team and some other teams and players will get the message. Produce and want to win or go home.

  • Kevin G

    From what I understand Colvin got moved to the OF. Because the other Clemeson 1st baseman was a huge tub of lard. And couldnt play the OF.

    • brian

      Thanks I’ve been trying to figure that out for awhile

  • jstraw

    I have no idea why anyone is annoyed with DLee, let alone angry. Would it be good for the Cubs if he accepted a trade? Maybe…we have no one better than him to play first next season. Maybe he’s simply promised his family that at this stage of his career, he only says goodnight to them over the phone on road trips. Getting traded is disruption and veterans earn the right not to go through that. Everyone acts like he’s nuts for not wanting to mover over to a contender. Sure, the Angels aren’t out of it but they’re well back. If he uproots now, chances are he’ll be uprooted again in a few months. I think he’s gambling that he’s got a pretty good chance for being a Cub next season and that if he rebounds, everyone will be glad it worked out that way. I think that could be right on both counts.

    • Butcher

      jstraw understands. Understands long time.

    • Kenny L.

      Having no one better than Lee should not factor at all into whether or not you’re angry at him. He’s a free agent and could come back to the Cubs next year if he wanted.

      • jstraw

        Having no one better than Lee to play first should factor into whether or not dealing him is a good idea. If it’s a bad idea to deal him, then being mad at him for vetoing the deal is stupider than it already is. It’s already stupid because you should expect that a guy will take full advantage of his contract and the CBA. Being mad at a guy for not rolling over and playing dead is idiotic.

  • Serio

    jstraw are you nuts?? Having no one better to play first? Colvin can play frist. How about this GET SOME KID UP HERE & SEE WHAT THEY CAN DO!! Lee to ANYWHERE makes more room on your 25 man roster jturd. I dont understand why the Cubs shopped D-Lee when he rejected every trade. D-Lee WILL NOT BE A CUB NEXT SEASON!!! JTURD you say “Getting traded is disruption and veterans earn the right not to go through that” when you are a pro ball player and make $13,250,000 a year and HAVE NOT ONCE this year produced on the field (AVG .248 · HR 11 · RBI 44) you havent earnd a damn thing! Derrek Lee F-ed the Cubs.

    • jstraw

      I’d offer a substantive response to your comment but it’s past your bedtime. Good night.

  • brian


  • Serio

    Funny Brian. You should take that on the road.

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