The Minnesota Twins are reaching out to the Chicago Cubs about Ted Lilly and are willing to take on the remaining $4 million of Lilly’s deal, according to Ken Rosenthal.

Awesome, right? Well, the hitch is that the Twins are one of the teams on Lilly’s partial no-trade list. Rosenthal suggests that Lilly would consider going to the Twins, but only if he gets “additional compensation.” I’m not quite sure what Rosenthal means by that – it’s not as if the Twins can say, “hey, Ted, waive your no-trade and we’ll give you five bucks.” I suppose it could be an extension, but it would be strange to have listed a team on your partial no-trade (i.e., I really don’t want to go to X team), and then say I’ll only go to them if they give me a contract that keeps me in that place I don’t want to go for even longer. But I guess that’s the allure of cash.


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