When the Los Angeles Angels acquired Dan Haren from the Diamondbacks, most assumed their pursuit of a starting pitcher was at an end. And they almost certainly would have been right.

But then yesterday, Joel Pineiro suffered a left oblique strain that will keep him out for the next six to eight weeks – a critical stretch for a team trying to catch the Texas Rangers in the AL West. While Pineiro had regressed from his (over-his-head) season with the (voodoo magic) Cardinals last year, he was eating a lot of innings, and had a very respectable 4.18 ERA and 1.31 WHIP. Surely the Angels would like to replace that production if possible.

So what about Ted Lilly?

Lilly makes sense in a trade to the Angels not only because he’s one of the top remaining starting pitchers on the trade block, but also because the Cubs and Angels have already talked trade this year. The teams recently worked out a trade for first baseman Derrek Lee before Lee invoked his no-trade rights, putting a kibosh on the deal. Why does this matter? It means the Angels have prospects/players that the Cubs like – and that the Angels are willing to trade. Lilly would likely take more to get than Lee, but the foundation may already be laid for a deal with the Angels.

If the Cubs haven’t heard from the Angels already, they should consider giving them a call. But, you know, try not to sound desperate.

  • Bric

    Well, Josh Vitters is out for the season with a broken hand. He’ll soon be joining Ryan Harvey, Corey Patterson, Bobbie Brownlie, and Mark Powalek as wasted first round picks. Ten days ago we could’ve traded him and Ted Lilly to the Mets for either Ike Davis or Nick Evans and added a young first baseman to the core of Colvin and Castro. By this time next year Vitters will be released.

  • wax_eagle


    Vitters is only 20. You are passing judgment a bit early there… I would imagine that Vitters will start next season at Iowa and be a mid-season call up.

  • Kenny L.

    It’s a broken finger, and the story was posted a few days ago.

    • Bric

      The point is I’ve been hoping for the Cubs to trade him because I don’t think he’ll ever pan out. As for his age, that’s what they kept saying about Pawalek… “He’s only 20…” yada, yada. As far as I’m concerned. Hayden Simpson better pan out because I don’t really think Wilken’s track record is all that great. If you get 50 picks anybody can find at least one major leaguer. It’s like Wilken and Hendry are obsessed with proving how much smarter they are than the rest of the scouts. At least Ricketts is starting to join the rest of the 21st century by hiring a stats guy who dosen’t need the cigar and the arrogant attitude that the old school baseball guys who act like they know so much more than the rest of us. And I still stand by the posting I made two weeks ago when I said the Cubs won’t make any major deals. Hendry, Pinella, and Wilken are too old and stubborn to admit they’re wrong about anything.