Obsessive Ted Lilly Trade Watch: Dodgers Still Want Lilly Plus Another Player, But Want Cash As Well

A small Ted Lilly update this afternoon (we are obsessive, after all):

The Dodgers are still looking hard at acquiring Ted Lilly, and would like to get a positional player along with the deal. Earlier it was reported that the player was Ryan Theriot, but the new rumor is that Theriot ain’t the guy. Who exactly the Dodgers want is not all that clear right now. With Blake DeWitt outperforming Theriot, this probably shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers (like the Mets before them) are balking at taking on all of Lilly’s remaining salary (around $4 million) if they’re going to send the Cubs legit prospects in return. Someone will have to bend before tomorrow’s deadline, but given Lilly’s near-certain Type A free agent status (and the draft picks that accompany that designation if the Cubs are unable to re-sign him at season’s end), I’m not so sure it should be the Cubs.

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10 responses to “Obsessive Ted Lilly Trade Watch: Dodgers Still Want Lilly Plus Another Player, But Want Cash As Well”

  1. Kevin G

    I still think we would win if we got Jerry Sands or Trayvon Robinson with a top pitcher.

  2. Kevin G

    Maybe the Cards would be interested in Lilly? What do u think Ace? Maybe get Mark Hamilton 1B.

  3. Bric

    Seriously, I don’t know why we get all hot and bothered every year at the trade deadline. Hendry’s already said that he wants to be competitive next year. Translation… he’s asking Halladay type returns for Lilly, Theriot, or Fuke. Further translation… they’ll all still be on the team on Monday.

  4. jstraw

    If it’s not Theriot then I’m nervous. There are guys I wouldn’t want to lose in order to deal Lilly. Hendry…do not make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.