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24 responses to “Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot Have Been Traded to the Dodgers”

  1. Jacob

    ESPN says the Cubs are sending the money. Not receiving?

  2. Serio

    Im speechless

  3. Jeff

    Cubs sent the Dodgers the money and the pitchers are Brett Wallach(3rd round pick last season) and Kyle Smit (5th rounder from a few years back)
    From what I see, I would rather have gotten Kelly Johnson for Theriot and Russell and then hung on to Lilly and either re-signed him or taken the draft pick compensation. This trade does almost absolutely nothing.

  4. Jacob

    Well at lest Theriot is gone….Man I hope Lilly signs with us at the end of the season…

  5. curt

    whats the point of this deal if yr gving the dodgers cash and lilly and theriot fr a lefthanded theriot n garbage prospects help me 2 understand

    1. Jacob

      The plan is to resign Lilly at the end of the season.

  6. marc

    Im going to stop liking certain players…. my two favorite players… now gone… Btw i shed a tear when we traded derosa…
    What are we thinking with this trade? Dewitt isnt a top tier player…and where will he play? 2ND? As you posted earlier were looking to slide castro over there. Third? Aramis is over there for now…. and dont see us trading or getting rid of him… please someone make sense of this trade for me…..AND WE SENT THEM MONEY….

  7. Tanner

    We still have Carlos :(

  8. pfk

    Well, how sad is this? Acting like the PIrates, while the big boys keep adding to their arsenals. But, if you are going to get nothing for someone at the end of a dead season, might as well try and get something. Would have been better if LIlly were the deadline acquisition by singing him to an extension. The reality is, players want to wait and see what free agency brings – just like Kerry Wood did – and he got a bundle. And, Cleveland got zip out of him.
    I’m most concerned that it is Hendry that Ricketts is trusting to rebuild the Cubs. I had high hopes after the new owners came in but now it appears that the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for,” is true.

    1. Bric

      Cubs are getting smoked by the Rockies for the second straight day. Hendry and Lou are starting to look like Bush in his final year. Every plan is going south and all we hear is “Shucks” and “We’re better than this” when it’s clear that the wheels are falling off the wagon to everybody but them. Since when did the third most popular team in the third largest market with the third largest payroll start acting like the Pirates and the Royals trying to save a little payroll and catch lightning in a bottle with a couple of prospects years away from the NL? Shocking what six months can do. At least the Pirates have a shot at getting out of the cellar.

  9. curt

    this trade was and is crap all this did was help the dodgers and if the plan was 2 re-sign lilly why trade him gve him an extension it didnt save money so why? just another confusing move by hendry with his job on the line i would think that hed help us a bit better than this

  10. Tanner

    The Cubs would rather get something NOW, that is why they did this.By the way, they will be saving money next year when Theriot is given a raise.

    1. Bric

      Wow, what? The Cubs are gonna save money because they would give Theriot a raise next year? Not if they just release him. It’s already been pointed out they already have Baker and Fontanot. Now one of those two will probably be released because DeWitt just been given the starting job for next year. So we’re losing two players for one at a position without upgrading it. This whole thing got out of control as soon as other teams started saying they wouldn’t pay all of Lilly’s salary. So now we’re gonna pay a portion of another team’s player as he helps them get to the post season. Ted Lilly is not Milton Bradley. None of this deal makes sense moneywise. Hendry clearly doesn’t understand the fiscal side of it and I’m not sure he ever did.

  11. jstraw

    I like this deal.

    1. ed

      I’m curious, why?

      1. jstraw

        Theriot’s gone.

    2. curt

      how does this deal help the cubs

      1. jstraw

        Theriot’s still gone.

  12. brian

    so Theriot for left handed Theriot, afraid I don’t see much upside… hopefully a change of venue can inspire Dewitt but i doubt it

  13. rgrchicubs16

    did you see De Witt’s debut? all this kid needs is a chance…hes definately better than theriot and fontenot! and hes only 24! ler rudy jaramillo work with his hitting…the sky is the limit for him…i like this trade…i would have traded theriot even up for de witt…i would have kept lilly and once again he wanted to remain a cub!