I’m not at all surprised that the Cubs said no, but it’s interesting to hear that there has actually been some action on Carlos Zambrano this week. Zambrano recently said he’d waive his no-trade clause if the Cubs really want to get rid of him, but obviously they aren’t desperate. Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo have each been as disappointing as Zambrano in recent months, but are owed less total money – and offer much less upside.

  • Jeff

    They are also on shorter term, and probably easier to move contracts than Zambrano is. I’m not saying I’d take the deal either, but if they threw in a prospect or two, I would definitely think long and hard. It’s getting to the point that Zambrano has been a distraction and detractor for a longer period than he was an anchor and leader, I’m losing faith that he has any upside left with the Cubs.

  • Bric

    Again, I’d be very surprised if any of the Cubs, apart from Theriot and Nady apparently, are traded by tomorrow in minor deals. However, this interest in Zambrano is promising. Maybe that’s why Hendry’s job is secure at least until January. Ricketts might be hoping for another Bradley-Silva type swap involving Zambrano this off season.