After experiencing a racing heart and chest discomfort, Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Silva spent what was probably a pretty scary night in the hospital. The good news is that everything checked out, but the bad news is that no one is yet quite sure what’s wrong with him – so the Cubs have put him on the 15-day disabled list.

To take his spot in the rotation, the team has called up AAA starter Casey Coleman, who joined the team today, together with fellow AAA starter Thomas Diamond, who is himself replacing departed starter Ted Lilly.

The Cubs called up right-handers Casey Coleman and Thomas Diamond from Triple-A Iowa. Coleman’s father, Joe, and his grandfather, Joe, both pitched in the big leagues, and they are the first family in Major League history to have three generations of pitchers in The Show.

Coleman, 23, was 10-7 with a 4.07 ERA in 20 starts at Iowa. He has struck out 59 in 117 1/3 innings and was holding batters to a .243 average. He doesn’t overpower hitters and has been described as a Greg Maddux-type pitcher.

His father, Joe, played from 1965-79, and made the 1972 All-Star Game with the Tigers. He faced Cubs manager Lou Piniella as well. Casey’s grandfather, Joe, had a 10-year Major League career from 1942-55, including an All-Star season in 1948.

In addition to the pedigree, Coleman comes with some hardware: he was the Cubs’ minor league pitcher of the year last year. Still, despite that achievement and the relative success this year in AAA at just 23, Coleman is not considered a top prospect, or a legitimate threat to take a future starting role in the Cubs’ rotation.

But he got the call over guys like Jay Jackson and Jeff Samardzija, so the Cubs clearly want to give him a shot. And hey, before last year, no one really believed Randy Wells would become a Major League starter, let alone one who would contend for Rookie of the Year.

In other news, it seems Carlos Zambrano will have to wait another week to work his way back into the rotation.

  • Bric

    The Cubs are seeming to be either very careful or very leery of bringing up Jackson and the shark (no ma’am, I’m just a dolphin). I’ve heard that Jackson had personality problems in the past but don’t know the story. Samarjia’s already ruffled a few feathers with the club. I’m just wondering if these back stories have anything to do with so many others getting the call before them in the last two months. Thoughts?

    • jstraw

      Thoughts? Samardzija is a terrible, terrible pitcher.

    • Ace

      When Jackson was dominating AA last year, he was demoted to High A ball for, as you say, unexplained attitude problems. He served his sentence in High A, dominating even more, and was shortly returned back up the latter. To my knowledge, it hasn’t been an issue this year.

  • Kevin G

    Ace can team make minor league trade after the trade Deadline?

    • Ace

      I believe the answer is yes, subject to minor league playoff roster restrictions (though I don’t believe those actually prevent trades). Good question, though – one worth researching.

  • Tanner

    Samardzija is nothing but a minor league pitcher. He has shown everybody in the majors, that he can NOT pitch at the major league level. He is going in the minor league, so they should keep him down there or trade him. I say trade him for whatever you can get.

    • wax_eagle

      He has an NTC he would have to waive.

      • jstraw

        Piece of cake.

        “Jeff, I know you want to be a starter. You’re never going to be a starter on this club. In fact, you may find yourself here in Des Moines until your contract expires. A change of scenery might do you some good. How would you like to waive that NTC, son?”

        • Bric

          Yep, pretty simple to me. Except that Hendry gave him a huge signing bonus (I think it was 10 mil) and Hendry rarely ever admits to wasting money or being wrong. So the Dolphin will get another shot of pitching some meaningless late season innings in order to prove Hendry right. Until next year, that is.

          • Ace

            His contract was $10 mill (5 years), not his bonus. Nevertheless, it’s all academic as I can’t fathom a team wanting Samardzija unless the Cubs are paying his salary.

            • Bric

              Thanks for correction. Unfortunately it makes a bad drafting and signing even worse.

              • Ace

                Yup. Not one for the refrigerator.

  • Gargantua!

    I remember his dad pitching for the Cubs…he was sort of an old-fashioned side-armer.

    He got hurt a couple of times on line drives back to the box…