Editor’s Note: This is a guest post, written by a friend of the program, Scarey from Sons of Ivy. When it comes to Cubs prospects, few know the organization better than Scarey, and he’s offered to throw us some of his insights, teed up here for you with minimal editing from yours truly. Enjoy.

Thomas Diamond, who will make his Major League debut tonight for the Chicago Cubs, is an example of why the word prospect is such a fluid term. He’s a 27 year old starting pitcher who has yet to make his major league debut. However, Diamond has had some setbacks in his career that should be taken into account when evaluating his prospect status.

Drafted out of the 2004 draft by the Rangers as the 10th overall pick, Diamond created a name for himself in a hurry. He, Edison Volquez and John Danks, were considered the big three pitching prospects in the Rangers’ system, otherwise known as “DVD,” [editor’s note: no, seriously, they were], which the Rangers planned to use as the front three of their future rotation. This obviously never came to fruition after Volquez and Danks were packaged in trades, while Diamond struggled with control probles and eventually had Tommy John surgery in 2007. It’s interesting to note that Diamond was thought of as the best of the three, at least by Baseball America, who had Diamond ranked above his teammates as the 52nd best prospect in the country.

While recovering from surgery, Diamond struggled for the better part of two years, including a 6.20 ERA in almost 54 innings of AA ball in 2008. He was eventually designated for assignment by the Rangers in September of 2009. After signing with the Cubs that same September, Diamond made his comeback this year, dominating the Pacific Coast League in 2010. In 21 starts, Diamond has posted a 3.16 ERA with a 1.22 WHIP and 8.6 Ks/9.

Diamond is finally getting his opportunity to make it in the bigs after a call up from Iowa, following the Ted Lilly trade. He will bring with him a fastball that sits in the 89-92mph range, a good curveball, and a ridiculous changeup. By all accounts, his fastball and curve are usable pitches at the major league level, but his changeup is his bread and butter, averaging a scant 74mph. That 16mph difference in fastball to changeup is substantial relative to other MLB pitchers. With a hearty 6’4 240 lb frame and a new elbow, there’s a good chance Diamond can be a contributor to the Cubs in the future, even at 27 years old.

Diamond should soon be getting some AAA company in Chicago beyond fellow starter Casey Coleman. Iowa shortstop Darwin Barney is a lock for a September call up, so keep an eye out for his write-up.

  • biggz

    Good stuff, Scarey.

  • Kevin G

    Ace, I have another Question. Does D Lee’s NTC protect him on the waiver wire? if they just to let him go without a trade if he is claimed?

    • Scarey

      It’s not a no trade clause, it’s his 10 and 5 rights. If a player has been in the league for 10 years and has spent 5 years with the same club, he can deny a move to any other team. That would include the waiver wire deals.

      • Ace

        Lee also has an NTC, I believe, but Scarey is spot on, whether a guy has 10/5 rights, an NTC, or both.

        • Kevin G

          I called the local Radio station. They said that if they are claimed off they have to go.

          • Ace

            They are wrong, at least for guys with 10/5 rights. Article XIX, Section A.1 of the Basic Agreement (the collective bargaining agreement) says that a 10/5 guy cannot be assigned to another team without his consent. It’s explicit.

            As for guys who have no-trade clauses, my guess is that the issue is dealt with in the individual players’ contract, but I guarantee that the no-trade rights also apply when the guy is claimed on waivers. If not, some dude’s would be pretty pissed at their lawyers.

            You can tell the local radio guys I said so. :)

  • Kevin G

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    • Ace

      That’s right, boyee.

  • http://bleachernation rgrchicubs16

    speaking of the waiver wire ..i hope we dont lose aramis ramirez….i hope fukadome does go…the problem is we will end up eating that money…I CANT GET OVER THE FUCKING MESS THAT HENDRY HAS GOTTEN US INTO…GOD MUST REALLY PUNISH US CUBS FANS…MY WIFE SAYS CUBS FAN ARE SPECIAL BECAUSE OF WHAT WE HAVE TO OVER COME…i told her SHE has no Idea!!!…lol

    • wax_eagle

      If Dome is claimed and is let go the claiming team picks up his salary. But Dome has can deny moves to several teams.

  • http://bleachernation rgrchicubs16

    are the cubs going to pick up any people off ther waiver wire?? or are we done and just going to ride out the season of what we have??

    • jstraw

      We’re done.