Geovany Soto? Awesome.

Starlin Castro? Awesome.

Blake DeWitt? Awesome.

Ryan Dempster? Awesome.

  • Cubs Fan Report

    It feels strange to be on the other side of the ‘crap team label’ these days.

    • Ace

      That would be the sarcasm (although the Brewers are kind of crappy).

  • Tanner

    I have a question that I want to ask. Since I live in Nebraska I really haven’t been able to watch the games lately (since they haven’t been on WGN), so I want to know what Blake DeWitt looks like? Is he somebody who anybody can see as a starting 2B next year? Could he be a 2B for the future?

    Thanks, for anybody that can let me know about him.

    • jstraw

      My opinion is that he looks good enough to me that he certainly could earn the starting 2B job, depending on how he plays this season and how he looks to the coaching staff in the spring. He’s in a position to make 2B not the biggest emergency the Cubs have this winter. Or he could have a crappy couple of months and be part of some deal in the off season. I’m not prepared to call him the future yet. He’s had a nice first week with the club.

  • http://bleachernation rgrchicubs16

    its time to unload fontenot….keep baker…but i can see de witt being our everyday player since our korean shortstop Lee is still a couple of years away..thenwe would move castro over to second base…thats why i believe theriot was traded.. i felt we definately got the best of that deal with the dodgers! there is speculation the ted liily would consider signing again with the cubs as hes a free agent…so basically the dodgers are renting lilly!

    • Ace

      I am sure the Cubs have placed both Fontenot and Baker on waivers to see what team (if any) claims them. If no one claims them, the Cubs can work out a trade with any team, and if he is claimed by a team with whom the Cubs don’t want to deal, they can just pull him back.

    • wax_eagle

      Sure, renting Lilly with the rights to exclusively negotiate with him after the season and opportunity to offer him arbitration if they want to and get draft picks if he leaves. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for them.

      Cubs have pitching depth, resigning Lilly would make little to no sense unless both Z and Silva and maybe even a third starter are all traded or released.

      Cashner needs the opportunity, Marshall would like one and possibly both Jackson and Diamond could be ready by next spring. That means there will be 4 guys looking to fill what right now looks like one spot in the rotation.

  • brian

    I know why brewer’s fans hate the Cubs, the majority of us do not like Nickleback, honestly its as simple as that

    • Ace

      This is how you remind me of what I really am.