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7 responses to “The Milwaukee Brewers Are Collectively a Douche”

  1. jstraw

    I don’t know how many of you guys are still watching the games but the scorer got that play exactly right. It wasn’t even close to being a hit. Castro, talented and athletic as he is, made one of his youthful mistakes. He flipped the ball to DeWitt rather than taking the easy out at first. DeWitt had no play on the poor flip and was all out of position and wound up with a very large first baseman in his scrotum. Appealing for the sake of a record on a very close call is one thing. This was just taking a flyer sith nothing to lose. It’s a douche move.

  2. pygreg

    Are we really hating the Brewers now? I mean, we beat them so badly, we dominate in their packed-with-our-fans stadium regularly…it’s not even worth our time. Just our silent scorn.

  3. Bric

    I used to live in upper Wisconsin. I usually hate generalizing but can safely say that most of the Brewers nation (players, fans, staff) are a bunch of ignorant douches. And their worst enemy is the Cubs. With most of their fans just starting to watch the games about three years ago, the atmosphere up there reminds me of sophmore year in highschool. BTW, strangely enough in Appleton where I lived there was a decent sized minority of Cub fans, similar to the amout of Packer fans in Chicago.

  4. jstraw

    The Brewers fans hate the Cubs…the Reds fans hate the Cubs…the Cards fans hate the Cubs…and we never win a goddam thing. Talk about ignorant douches….


    The Cubs are the most anoying, abnoxious fans in ALL of baseball. Why do you think you have so many rivals, because you are douches. You are loud abnoxious drunks.

    1. Bric

      Ring, Ring: “Hello, pot- this the kettle…”