Here’s one for the you-don’t-see-this-too-often-outside-of-a-company-softball-league file. The Boise Hawks, the Chicago Cubs’ low-A team, forfeited yesterday, resulting in a league-mandated 9-0 loss.

Umpire Matt Heersema thought the Northwest League game should have continued. Hawks manager Jody Davis disagreed, and refused to send his players back on the field. The result was a Boise forfeit and a 9-0 victory for the Everett AquaSox on Saturday night in Everett, Wash. Idaho Statesman.

It seems the game was delayed twice by rain, and after the second delay, Davis informed the umpire that he believed the field conditions were not appropriate for continuing the game. The ump disagreed, and rather than subject his players to the conditions, Davis accepted the forfeit.


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