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3 responses to “Everyone Wants to Manage the Cubs, but the Cubs Have to Pay Them More for Some Reason”

  1. HotRuta

    Well, given the way Managing the Cubs sucks the life and soul out of a person … where’s Mr. Applegate and Lola from “Damn Yankees” when you really need them?

    Check out the two pictures of Lou in this topic and the one following … YIKES!!!

  2. Cubs Fan Report

    It is strange to say that the Cubs gig can be the most attractive and the most critiqued gig in baseball at the same time, but isn’t that how all marquee management/coaching jobs are in sports? Just look at any of the big-time hires throughout sports. Each comes with immense pressure and scrutiny to turn around a storied organization or impress a critical fan base.

  3. Jim Greenan

    2 to 3 months to hire a manager ? What a joke ! This management doesn’t have a glue of what it’s doing. BOYCOTT THE CUB CONVENTION if nobody was showing up
    maybe Rickett’s will get the jest that cub fans are feed up with incompentence !