Given that the Cincinnati Reds are in the National League Central – and particularly because they are leading the NL Central – you’ll not hear me doting on them too much this year. But when a player does something awesome, we’ve all got to recognize. And Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips did something awesome.

On Monday, Phillips told Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News:

“I hate the Cardinals. All they do is bitch and moan about everything, all of them, they’re little bitches, all of ‘em. I really hate the Cardinals. Compared to the Cardinals, I love the Chicago Cubs. Let me make this clear: I hate the Cardinals.”

Nicely done, Brandon. I think we can all relate.

This, of course, led to a LaRussa-like retort from Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa – you know, one where he acts like he’s above it, and then subsequently enters the fray. He said, “We win the right way and we lose the right way. We’ve received a lot of compliments over the years that when we lose we tip our caps and when we win we keep our mouths shut. That’s my comment.”

But then he said, “I don’t think that will go over well in his own clubhouse. Phillips is ripping his teammates — Scott Rolen, Miguel Cairo, Russ Springer, Jim Edmonds — all the ex-Cardinals over there. He isn’t talking about this year. He is talking about the way we’ve always played and those guys are old Cardinals. Tell him he’s ripping his own teammates because they are all old Cardinals.”

Of course, all of this spirited volleying was ignored by the clubs, who are playing this week, and everyone had a good time. They are, after all, professionals.

I’m just kidding. They brawled.

Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina started jawing at Phillips when Phillips first came to bat, and it was on. Benches cleared, Johnny Cueto kicked, Scott Rolen went after former teammate Chris Carpenter, both managers were ejected.

The Cubs may be miserable this year, but at least we can all enjoy moments like this.

  • dave

    Did you even watch the replay of the game letalone the game itself? Phillips antagonized the whole incident but who cares anyway….Cardinal nation is glad that the Red’s lit a fire in the team. On the whole we have the classiest fans and the ribbing we all give each other is fun and all but i get the sense you take this a little too seriously……I don’t HATE the cubs but I am not a fan of the organization and love when the Cards smoke the cubbies. Anywho….back to polishing up those World Series Rings…….

  • Kenny L.

    “On the whole we have the classiest fans…. Anywho….back to polishing up those World Series Rings.”

    Yes. Pure class.

  • Mike Barry

    Not since Jeffrey Leonard way back in the 1980’s has such a self-obsessed mediocre player demonstrated just how stupid he is in the way Brendan Phillips has. The Reds are a really good team and perhaps they will win the NL Central in spite of this idiot (but not if there’s any justice)…

    PS – good luck to the Reds trading him – no sane or good team would want him…

    • Bric

      As much as I hate the present day Cards because I think LaRussa is a major perveyor of the Steroids era…. no, more like a pioneer of it, I still have a certain amount of respect for their history, organization, and fans. The Reds on the other hand are more like the NL Central’s version of NWA. Though it pains me to say it, I’d rather see the Cards take the Central over that “fight the power, we’re disrespected and got somethin’ to prove, fuck all the fans and disrespect everything” group of douchebags that Dusty’s managed to assemble in Cincinatti. Anyway, enjoy polishing the rings you already have as your team slowly dissapears to mysterious injuries, heart attacks, and organ failures as the steroids work their way out of their systems. Better win quick.

      • Cardfan

        The Reds will fail. I am truly amazed at my lack of anxiety over StL being one game back of these bastards at this point in the season. If we were behind the Cubs, Stros, or even the Brewers, I would be more worked-up. Just knowing that Dusty and idiots like Phillips are temporarily ahead gives me comfort.

        PS Too bad that Rolen didn’t act on his hatred of McDrinkin during the melee. THAT would have been cool…

        • Bric

          I’d like to agree with you on not having much worry about the Reds tanking in the end. But something about them this year reminds me of the Rays a couple of years ago. Everybody was waiting for them to crash and burn. And they never did. Until they got to the playoffs. Same can be said of the Padres this year. Sometimes teams just get some good hoodoo. Too bad we haven’t had it since the first Roosevelt administration (and I mean Teddy, not FDR).

          • Dan

            Well…wrong. Anyway, learn to spell Cincinnati and don’t dare talk about classless franchises from that worthless, poor, fat, crime-ridden shithole. Your fans aren’t classy, your players aren’t classy (ie: Carpenter telling Rolen to “keep (his) niggers in line”) and your city isn’t classy. And Pujols is gone.

            • Ace

              What team do you think Bric supports? You = fail.

    • Ace

      … I’d take him.

    • They All Belong To The Reds

      Well, Brandon Phillips is leading at least the NL in runs, was an All Star, is a lock to win his second gold glove, endears himself to the city of Cincinnati in ways that you wouldn’t understand unless you lived here, idolizes Barry Larkin (and how he played his whole career for the Reds), and his comments about the Cardinals needed to be said. They may have swept us, but we are now 7-0 since, while St. Louis is fading fast. His words created that fight that got Cueto a 7 game suspension, allowing Homer Bailey to come back up from Louisville and go 2-0 while only giving up 1 run in 13 innings. Dont worry, we wouldnt even think of trading Phillips. The Cardinals are too focused on winning the battle, while the Reds know they must win the war. They can go 18-0 against the Reds, but if you cant beat the Cubs, Brewers, Astros, or Pirates (who the Reds have destroyed this year), then you don’t deserve to be division champs………….Bitches!

      • Cardfan

        Prepare to marvel at the spectacular fall of which you are about to partake.

        Yours is a team of losers, led by a proven loser with perennial credentials. Don’t get your hopes up, you will be disappointed.

        P.S. Votto and Phillips are classless pricks, and Cueto takes it to a whole new level.

        • They All Belong To The Reds

          Classless………Tony LaRussa and the “SUBB” (Stash Using Bash Brothers), Rick Ankeil, whose comeback story seems a little less remarkable knowing the facts, and LaRussa’s comments after the brawl to further instigate the tension, it seems LaRussa would fall into that same namesake as you so put our three pricks. Whatever you want to think about the opposing players is fine, thing is, those guys are something like 28, 25, and 24 years old……not quite as ripe as LaRussa and they dont care, they have baseball games to win.

          • Cardfan

            #1 you will never hear me defend LaRussa – he’s a flake and a lying SOB.
            #2 I don’t give any 28, 25, or 24 year old a “pass” on class