When the Chicago Cubs re-signed reliever John Grabow to a two-year deal last winter, some (me) feared that his low ERA had been a bit of a mirage given his extremely high WHIP for a reliever. He had been keeping his ERA in the mid-3s, but his WHIP in the mid-1.4s – something didn’t add up, and regression looked to be on the way.

But no one expected it to be quite this bad. And now, Grabow’s season is over.

Grabow felt something pop in his left knee during a rehab outing Monday in Mesa, Ariz., and an MRI on Tuesday revealed a Grade 3 sprain. He will have his knee immobilized for four to six weeks and be examined by the Cubs’ orthopedic specialist to determine the next step.

Grabow has been on the disabled list since June 29. He appeared in 28 games and had a 7.36 ERA. cubs.com.

Grabow will likely be recovered by next year, when he will return to the Cubs’ bullpen.

For $4.8 million. Smooch.

  • Tanner

    On a good note, I am getting my Cubs tattoo soon, but I need some help on what to get. I am thinking a baseball with flames around it, and the Cubs logo inside the ball? I want it to look good, so I am interested in what ya’ll think.

    • Mikey

      I think most sane people would be removing anything associated with the Cubs from their lives at this point. Most people would be lasering their Cubs tatoos off. However, Cubs fans aren’t ‘most people’. Seems to be some kind of affliction, mine was bred into me by my father, like a bad gene passed from generation to generation. Now, I have passed this curse onto two of my three daughters . Unfortunate but true. If you get the tatoo, I’d opt for a location that can be hidden easily, for when the Cubs do the swoon. Like the upper arm or sholder area . After all, it’s embarassing to admit you are a fan when the Cubs are playing like they are now. When, and if, the Cubs are on a winning streak, you will be wearing tank tops and sleeveless shirts alot. And if you are a young fan, you may want to start with something not so permanent, like a flag or banner. They are much easier to remove.

  • KB

    I take exception to your “nobody thought he’d be this bad” comment.
    I sure did, and, like you, crowed about it like a stuck pig.
    Pure Hendry move, one of the many reasons we suck this year.

    • Bric

      Why does Hendry still have a job? I didn’t think Grabow was all that great last year but didn’t think he was gonna suck this bad. But the real question is why would Hendry throw the money at him to even bring him back? Granted, very few thought Russell was going to progress as well as he did in Spring, but even without him the Cubs still had Marshall, Gorz, and Lilly. Lou traditionally prefers 4 starters to be right handed (if not all five) so when he got his contract in December I thought, well, we don’t need any more leftys. Then Russell made the team. And then traded for Silva. All along other anylists were talking about a shaky right handed bullpen. Still Hendry played the game of maybe making Marshall a starter, and Samardjia’s progress, and Caridad being given a spot about three days after the first game, blah, blah, blah. Hendry needs to quit baseball and go into politics. He’s only good at wasting money and acting superior to everyone else.