The Chicago Cubs have been without third baseman Aramis Ramirez – who was actually starting to sort of hit like Aramis Ramirez – for the last few days. Ramirez hurt his rib cage on a dive earlier in the week. He was expected back yesterday, but that didn’t happen.

Ramirez said on Thursday that he expected to be back in the lineup on Friday, but manager Lou Piniella decided to give him more time.

“He is going to take batting practice today. And if he is OK, we look forward to getting him in the lineup tomorrow,” Piniella said. “We’ll see.”

If Ramirez misses the game today, the Cubs might once again put Blake DeWitt at third and let Darwin Barney get another start at second. Jeff Baker has had some minor injury issues, himself.

  • marc

    every year its something with him…the two years we were swept in the playoffs he looked stoned and was non-existant, and the past two years hes been either injured or hitting below the mendoza line. Something needs to be done

  • KB

    I want to be pissed about Aram’s season, but I know history too well; Hendry has a serious history of trying to force injured players back onto the field before they’re healed. Ask Mark Prior.

    As soon as Aramis got his thumb back to normal, he stopped hitting like the single worst hitter in MLB, and started hitting like Aramis Ramirez (one of the bEST in MLB).

    Marc, steer your anger toward the man who’s pulling the strings on this hideous shipwreck.

    • marc

      I feel like its more than one person…. I agree hendry needs to go as well, but to me it doesnt seem like aramis wants to even be on the field… but he is the only one out of the hendry rejects that im ok with keeping…. we need the people from makeover home edition to fix the cubs… i think that would work : )

    • Bric

      I disagree wth you, sir. It’s more of a trainwreck than a shipwreck. Ships that go down don’t hurt anybody but those on board. Trainswrecks like this one take out everybody on board as well as numerous farmhouses, trailer parks, joggers, and untold thousands of pigeons and geese. Much worse.

      • marc

        haha well put…. Just think … the best day of our lives have yet to come…. Unless you were around in 1908 : )