Twenty games below .500.

Thomas Diamond just didn’t have it, and Albert Pujols got his. And the Cubs helped a brother out.

  • Jake Moore

    Cubs suck today. Cubs sucked yesterday. Cubs will suck tomorrow. It’s nice in a world of so much uncertainty to know that one thing for sure.

    • JackHandy

      No, Carpenter sucked today. The Cubs rocked his ass! Get back to your mother’s basement and off the internet!

  • Tanner

    They suck :(

    Anybody got ideas for a Cubs tattoo?

    • Ace

      Can’t go wrong with the classic “C.”

  • Tanner

    I am think that with a baseball around it, focusing on the stitches of the baseball….

    • Ace

      If you do that, you’ll never be able to change your mind later and change the “C” into a word like “Cheerios.”