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9 responses to “Alfonso Soriano is Struggling, and is Kind of Blaming the Team”

  1. jstraw

    I think he’s telling us that the reason it’s hot outside is because everyone’s sweaty and all the ice cream melted.

  2. jlsmith84

    reading this headline, i thought someone on the team was finally going to rip lou for his ever changing line up/batting order. lou is the great-grandma everyone wants to put in a home but no one has the rocks to do it. at least hes gone after this year..

  3. kadams77

    Soriano better watch what he says, because some 20-year-old kid on this own bad team is showing him up in nearly every category. I can’t imagine how good Castro would be if the team was doing well.

  4. brian

    I hope someone throws at him, in batting practice

  5. Willis

    The guy’s a real ass hole isn’t he? Like I said on SOI, even if you have to eat 10-12 millie to trade this dick, you do it.

  6. Jacob

    This douche needs to be traded. I don’t care what you have to do. Hes wasted space. Heck trade him for a half a candy bar for all I care.