Alfonso Soriano is a wealthy man. The Chicago Cubs gave him an eight-year contract four years ago, which pays him $18 million per season. Without commenting on the wisdom of the deal, it’s fair to say that it came with certain expectations that Soriano has not lived up to.

After a miserable 2009 season, Soriano was on his way to a fine rebound year in 2010 – until June, that is. And he’s got some interesting theories on why he’s struggling.

However, it’s been a struggle for Soriano since May. He was 4-for-18 on the road trip. He has 1 home run in August. He hit .225 in July, .234 in June and .308 in May.

“Players, to have a good year, have to have a good team,” Soriano said. “It’s very hard to have a good year when you don’t have a good team.

“You see the Cincinnati Reds. Everybody’s doing good because they are in first place. If you see us, nobody’s doing good because we are in fifth place. St. Louis has guys who are having a very good year because they are in first place, too.

“I think that’s the key. If we have a very good team, everybody can have a good year.” Daily Herald.

I’ll go ahead and give Soriano the benefit of the doubt, and assume that he didn’t mean that the way it sounded. Because it sounded like he’s saying his numbers are down because he’s stuck on a crappy team – and boy would that be a crummy thing to say.

Without getting into a chicken-or-the-egg style debate about individual good seasons and team good seasons (though it seems pretty obvious that teams have good seasons because of player good seasons, and not the other way around), Soriano should probably rethink his position. As noted in the article, he hasn’t hit in over two months, and you’d think he’d at least be good at saying the right things by now.

But then again, Soriano’s a really rich guy these days. It’s not like he’s got much to play for this season, right?

  • jstraw

    I think he’s telling us that the reason it’s hot outside is because everyone’s sweaty and all the ice cream melted.

  • jlsmith84

    reading this headline, i thought someone on the team was finally going to rip lou for his ever changing line up/batting order. lou is the great-grandma everyone wants to put in a home but no one has the rocks to do it. at least hes gone after this year..

  • kadams77

    Soriano better watch what he says, because some 20-year-old kid on this own bad team is showing him up in nearly every category. I can’t imagine how good Castro would be if the team was doing well.

  • brian

    I hope someone throws at him, in batting practice

  • Willis

    The guy’s a real ass hole isn’t he? Like I said on SOI, even if you have to eat 10-12 millie to trade this dick, you do it.

  • Jacob

    This douche needs to be traded. I don’t care what you have to do. Hes wasted space. Heck trade him for a half a candy bar for all I care.

    • Ace

      What kind of candy bar? Because Soriano ain’t bringing back a half a Nutrageous, if that’s what you’re hoping for.

      • Butcher

        You’d love a facefull of Nutrageous from Soriano.

        • Ace