I am honestly less interested in the fact that the Padres just swept the Cubs in a four-game set for the first time ever, and am more interested in Carlos Zambrano’s continued David Blaine impression in his return to the rotation. Once again, if you looked only at his innings and earned runs, you’d think he had a good outing. But once again, he walked too many and gave up too many hits. In a little over 16 innings since his return to the rotation, he’s given up 30 baserunners. That’s a WHIP near 2(!), and is absolutely atrocious.

I’m also interested in this anomaly…

  • Dean

    For me, the biggest issue with Zambrano is not the control, but the velocity. If he can’t get over 90, he might be done.

    • Ace

      The one strikeout is telling in that regard.