With Derrek Lee off to the Atlanta Braves, and without a clear replacement in the Chicago Cubs’ system, outfielder Tyler Colvin will start playing some games at first base starting this week. His debut at the position will likely come in the early week series against the Nationals.

Colvin has been working out at first base for more than a week now, even though he hasn’t played the position since his early college days.

“It’s going to be a few days,” Cubs manager Lou Piniella said of Colvin’s timetable [for starting at first base]. “He’s comfortable over there. When we do this we’re going to do it on the road. We’re not going to do it at home.

“He’s got good hands. It’s a question of game speed. But he’s done it before. It’ll give us a chance to park him over there from time to time and let him play. We’ll go from there.”

The Cubs hit the road Monday when they travel to Washington, and Piniella said to expect Colvin to make his debut in that series.

Derrek Lee, who has won three gold gloves, including two with the Cubs in 2005 and 2007, was asked if Colvin has the ability to excel as a first baseman.

“I’m sure he could,” said Lee, now with the Braves. “If he takes the time and puts in the effort, I’m sure he’ll figure it out over there.” Daily Herald.

Colvin is certainly athletic enough to man the position, and he’s clearly got the right body size. Again, though, I submit that the Cubs are looking at Colvin not necessarily as the long-term answer at first, but more likely to see if he’s an option they can consider if they’re unable to land a first baseman in the offseason.

  • Bric

    Well, at least that should lift a little of the log jam in the outfield. I can see Fuke getting traded at the winter meetings, Byrd shifting to right, and Brett Jackson making the team out of spring training. The youth movement continues, and Hendry continues his transformation into the Pittsburgh Pirates. Seriously, he trades our first baseman to save a few bucks without getting one back. Now we have three more mediocre minor league pitchers to join the 15 already getting smoked in the bullpen. He hasn’t made a good move in three years, and don’t bring up the Silva deal. That’s like getting a hole in one on a mulligan shot. If he had half a brain (like the rest of us) he never would’ve signed Bradley in the first place so that trade doesn’t count. Lou’s gone so Fire Hendry now!

  • Cardfan

    He has to respect the Sammy and turn in that number!

    • Ace

      Clearly. Ha. I decided to ignore that story. Maybe I shouldn’t have…

      • Cardfan

        Good move on your part. Let Colvin earn the spot on the flagpole. SS doesn’t deserve to stand next to Banks or Sandberg…