ESPN is reporting that Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella is calling it
a career after today’s series finale against the Braves. Piniella had
said he would retire after this season, but he’s decided to hang them
up now.

The decision is driven, according to Piniella, by a family situation – you’ll recall that he left the team a little while ago to attend to his ailing mother. Third base coach Mike Quade – and not bench coach Alan Trammell – will serve as the team’s interim manager for the rest of the season.

  • Jeremy

    Pretty tough day today. I will very much miss Lou Piniella, and it’s unsettling to see him leave under such dour circumstances. He’s great for the game of baseball, and he’ll be missed by many. If interested, I wrote a bit about the subject tonight, so feel free to check out my thoughts: