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19 responses to “The Problem with an Interim Manager Like Mike Quade: Tyler Colvin to Remain in the Outfield”

  1. jstraw

    “So when it comes to making choices on a game-to-game basis, Quade is going to make the choices that help the team win today – even if the choice is at the expense of the future of the organization.”

    This is nuts and I hope you’re 180 degrees wrong. Hendry needs to sit with Mike and council him to concentrate on the good of the future. We have 6 weeks to see these players in roles they may be considered for next season. Winning games shouldn’t be the priority at all.

    “…the reason we saw Blake DeWitt batting leadoff for the first time. It isn’t a coincidence – DeWitt batting leadoff and Colvin batting in a production spot makes a whole lot more sense than where they’d been batting previously… if you want to win today, that is.”

    I disagree. It just makes sense, period. Seeing what DeWitt can do in the one hole is on the list of things we need to see.

    I want to believe that Quade’s audition is much more nuanced than showing Hendry that he can in-game manage for wins. I want to believe that he wants him to do the job that needs doing now, which is to evaluate talent.

    I agree that the reluctance to look at Colvin at 1B suggests the worst but I’ve always thought it was a stupid idea unless it was clear that Hendry wasn’t looking for a 1B FA signing in the off season. Hendry has said we’re not rebuilding and the we’re a few pieces away from contending. Whether you agree with that or not, it may mean that Quade knows that Colvin to first isn’t in the 2011 plan.

    1. Jacob

      “Hendry needs to sit with Mike and council him to concentrate on the good of the future.” Now that made me laugh dude. Seriously. Hendry has killed the foreseeable future of this team. Handing out double digit a year contracts like they were pamplets, and handing out full no trade clauses like they were a stick of gum. Yeah, thats good for the future.

      1. wax_eagle


        look at some of the other contracts that were handed out about the same time. The contracts for Z, Demp and Sori are large, but they were not outlandish for the time they were given. They are longer than what we consider prudent in this time period, but just 5 or 6 years ago those contracts were just on the high side of average.

        The emphasis on youth is relatively new for larger market clubs. Don’t forget that.

        1. Bric

          The market has changed. Jim hendry has not. He’s more dillusional now than when he signed Milton Bradley, with all his talk of one more piece for next year. Let’s face it… with or without Adam Dunne, next year’s team will be lucky to win 82 games. So unless Ricketts fires this run away spending, arrogant, “Don’t you know who I am?” a-hole Jim Hendry, we can look forward to him outbidding himself and giving Adam Dunne a 3 year year 27 mil contract. Result?: Dunne will bat .236, hit 33 meaningless late inning homers, and join Burnitz, Sori, Fuke, Bradley, Grabow, Howry, Gregg, and a few others in the Jim Hendry hall of shame. But on the plus side he did sign DeRosa and Lilly… oh, wait, he traded them away for 5 minor league pitchers and a left handed Theriot. What an incompetent clown.

  2. wax_eagle

    On topic.

    This is as good of a reason as I have seen to have made Tram the interim guy or to have just given the full time job out right away.

    Quade needs to be told that his status for next year is based on far more than what he can manage with this team. He should be doing things that are in the interest of the Cubs now an going forward, if he does get the job he will have to manage these players next year and the years to come. It’s not in his best interest to screw himself over for the next few years by overusing Marmol or Marshall.

    The question of Colvin at 1b needs to be an entirely organizational one. It should be Hendry’s call not Mike’s. If Hendry is confidant he can sign Dunn or Pena to a contract this fall/winter than he should keep Colvin in the outfield. If he is not confidant of that than he should choose to either extend Nady now or make Mike work Colvin out at 1B.

    I don’t like any of the inhouse 1b options, but Im not sure its prudent to pick up a declining Dunn either, not with the 2011 free agent crop of 1bmen looking very nice. I think I would be happy starting the year with a Hoff and Nady platoon or some other replacement level combo at 1b and picking up a rental if we are competitive next year.

  3. mark

    I almost always agree with you, but on this one, I don’t think so. Colvin has no business at First. You yourself said you want to bring in Adam Dunn next year. That is what the Cubs will and should do. Then trade Fukodome. I liked his lineup yesterday, especially DeWitt leading off. Hendry needs to do his job first and take care of getting the right players in and out in the offseason…if he still has a job. Just my opinion.

  4. Kevin G

    Ace I have a list of minor league 1B and 3B that I will send you later tomorrow. All of them are blocked.

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    1. Internet Random

      Me too. Of course, I do love me some spam.

      1. Hansman1982

        I’m glad it only took 2 1/2 years for the eyes to be opened.

        1. MichiganGoat

          I love it when this happens and we get in the Delorean to see how we acting 2 years ago.

          1. Hansman1982

            That Ace dude was quite the douchenozzle. Acting like he was a big shot and everything. Glad he’s gone.