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4 responses to “Adam Dunn Loves the Chicago Cubs”

  1. KB

    Dunn is more athletic than he’s given credit for, and now that he’a a 1st baseman, I see him aging perfectly normally.

    That said, this train has passed. Many of us were BEGGING Hendry to sign Dunn when he wanted to play for Chicago years ago. Jim went with Bradley (sigh). That was when we were one guy away from a playoff team.

    Now? We’re the Marlins after a sell-off. Dunn would be a waste. We’re a million miles away from contending, and we need to rebuild. That doesn’t mean signing 30-ish players to huge deals. We’ve seen that that strategy hasn’t worked.

  2. BT

    Kabes, I don’t care how athletic you think Dunn is/was, he could NOT play right field. He is/was a miserable pathetic outfielder. This is not hyperbole. He is literally one of the 5 worst outfielders I have ever seen play. He might be the worst, but I’m probably forgetting a couple guys. Ryan Klesko might have given him a run for his money.

    Now that Lee is gone, Dunn would be a perfect fit.

  3. KB

    BT, I will agree with you. He was bad at OF, and really seems to be a 1B/DH guy.

  4. Tanner

    I dont see why not signing him. I am tired of people saying we need to “rebuild”. People, if they would do that, people would bitch because they are just horrible. This is the CUBS, and they are suppose to contend. People are saying they need to bring up the young guys and rebuild, BLAH BLAH BLAH, if that would happen you would hear people bitch about that.