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2 responses to “Chicago Cubs Interview Eric Wedge for Managerial Opening”

  1. wax_eagle

    Hopefully the only guy the Cubs would be willing to back themselves into a corner with is Ryno. If they are set on pursuing Girardi they need to be honest with Ryno about that and let him pursue the Seattle job. I know a lot of Cubs fans want him to be the manager of the future, but the facts seem to be that he is second or third choice (if that hight) for next year and if his heart is set on managing in the Show he may need to go elsewhere.

  2. Jeff

    I don’t see why Girardi would leave NY, at least not this early in his career as a manager. He has a whole lot going for him and I don’t think the Cubs should put there hopes into luring someone away from NY when they have shown almost no willingness to spend what it takes to win aside from one crazy winter of spending a few years ago. That said, Eric Wedge inspires no confidence and I have no idea why he is being interviewed in August for a job next year when half the candidates aren’t even available yet.