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5 responses to “Series Preview: Cubs v. Reds, August 27 – August 29, 2010”

  1. Kevin G

    Ace I have idea. Why dont we just throw someone out on 1st base next year and go hard after Adrian Gonzalez in 2012?

    1. Jeff

      I would like to see it and see the team take a look toward the future and not the immediate present for once, but Hendry’s job is on the line this offseason and he knows it. There is no way he leaves the situation unaddressed this winter. They should have 20 million or so coming off the books after all the trades they made, but I think most of that is being eaten up by the ugly escalating contracts that he signed with our “old guard”and that leads me to believe they are going to make one or two moves and hope they contend. I think 1st base and a starter are going to be the only additions they make and I don’t know how much Hendry and Ricketts are going to spend, so I already have little hope for next year.

  2. wax_eagle


    I think what the Cubs do with 1b is a strong indication of whether they think they will contend next year. If they fill in house with someone weak is will probly mean they are giving up and waiting.

    If they sign someone to 1b with another position available (say like Wiggington), maybe they are taking a wait and see approach and will find a deadline rental.

    If they sign Dunn or Pena then they think the team is good enough to win the Central and they are looking to win now.

    1. Kevin G

      They need a major over haul to contend next year. Only one of their SP are any where near reliable and their Bullpen sucks. Their offense is on again off again. We need to look pass next year and toward building up the team for the future.

      1. brian

        I agree but the problem is that JH has these diluted thoughts of contention and that could be a huge problem. Instead of rebuilding and seeing if some of the prospects can become Major league talent I am afraid that he is going to dump our farm system for a couple of 30+ year olds whose best days are behind them. If the Cubs pick up a big name 1B then I see him making “A few of those big moves” involving dumping our prospects and receiving an aging veteran with nothing left to offer