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4 responses to “Geovany Soto’s Knee is a Little Banged Up”

  1. Nipper

    In February you had little faith in Dusty. Now, being 6 games in front of the pack, can you give him a bit of credit. I realize that the Cards are falling fast, but Dusty keeps the attitude of his players up and the bats keep working. Or can’t credit be given to those who deserve it.

    1. Scarey

      I give a lot of credit to the Reds players, they have played excellent baseball. Dusty is definitely a player’s manager, and that shouldn’t be thrown by the wayside at all. It’s just moves like the Valaika sacrifice in the first inning of the game 2 days ago that has people questioning Dusty’s managerial abilities though.

      Also, I’m pretty sure you’re referencing an article that Ace wrote in mostly tongue-in-cheek tone.

  2. wax_eagle

    Cubs should give thought to just letting Soto rest or just play a couple of more games this year. They will be able to have 3 or 4 catchers on the roster for the next couple of weeks. They should use this month to let Chirinos, Clevinger and Castillo compete for the backup job next year.