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4 responses to “The Chicago Cubs Will Sign Adam Dunn if Marlon Byrd Has His Way”

  1. KB

    I’m sure you’ve heard that Dunn was a good enough QB to play for U. of Texas, so the idea that he’s some kind of uncoordinated sloth is not based in fact. However, he does seem to lack the talent required to play MLB-calibre OF. He’s very playable at 1B, though; in fact, he keeps making “Gem of the Day” fielding plays over there.

    All that said, Byrd is in la-la land if he thinks the Cubs are going to sign a bunch of high-priced vets in an effort to win-it-all next year. And we all know how Hendry feels about players with the Dunn skill-set.

    1. jstraw

      The la-la-land Byrd is in is the forgivable zone where he has to believe he’s playing baseball to win, not to mark time till minor leaguers mature. If his GM says we’re a few moves away, a competitor buys into that or lapses into a deep depression. What else can he do…or believe.

      1. Bric

        How about make a shout out for some of the good, young firstbasemen out there that can be traded for? The mets have a couple, the Rangers have a couple, the Mariners have a couple. But don’t worry, this will never happen. Hendry loves spending other people’s money bringing in guys that have been on five teams in seven years. Apparently he’s smarter than all the other G.M.s who dumped these players, except when it comes to playoff wins. But I think his main concern is season attendance anyway.

        1. Tanner

          Who in the hell do we have that they would want?