It will shock you as much as it will disgust you: the Chicago Cubs just beat the Pittsburgh Pirates… IN A SERIES!

Tom Gorzelanny went out early, but the bullpen stepped up. Andrew Cashner is quietly turning his season around – just enough that the Cubs will probably toy around with the disastrous notion of keeping him in the bullpen next year, rather than maximizing his value in the rotation.

  • rylan

    anybody else just see Nyjer Morgan get his ass beat?

    • jstraw


      • rylan

        Charged the mound and Gaby Sanchez clotheslined him.

  • Adam

    That shouldn’t have been an error on Castro. That ball had ridiculous top spin, he had to come a long way in to get it, and even if he fielded it cleanly it would have taken an amazing turn and throw to make a play at either 2nd or 1st. I know he’s had his problems, but that was a terrible call by the official scorer.

    • Ace

      Fair enough (and I’ll confess I didn’t see this one) – though the grand total was more of my point. It’s becoming concerning.

      • wax_eagle

        I blame it on him being a 20yr old kid. Tram will work with him the rest of this season then Ryno or Tram in the spring (or whoever is the infield guy). Hopefully his work ethic is strong enough that he will get it. If not then maybe we can get a light hitting SS(I know Lee is years away) and move him to second where he has more time if he bobbles and won’t have to rush.

  • Butcher

    His errors don’t concern me at all. He makes a ton of plays that Theriot simply couldn’t. And a lot of those 22 errors came earlier in the season, when he first came up. He’ll be fine.