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2 responses to “Ryne Sandberg Officially Interviews for Chicago Cubs’ Managerial Opening”

  1. Scotte

    If they do not hire Ryno as the manager there will be a backlash against the Cubs. He has done everything they have asked him to do and done it successfully…even being named manager or the year in 2010. He is beloved by the fans and respected by the players … why would you bring in a person from outside the organization … has that worked at any time up to now?

    1. brian

      Slightly disagree, to many people are fair weather fans and then there are a lot of people who just want to see them win. If some career minor league coach (Mike Qaude) comes in and proves worthwhile those who crave a winner will forget all about Ryno as a manager. All I want is a winning team and I personally see Ryne as the leader of that team for one reason; he has been with many of these players in the minors and has a knowledge of their abilities. As a team heading into a rebuilding phase Ryne seems to have the best knowledge of what everyone is capable of along with the track record to get respect from overpaid veterans who wouldn’t listen to someone who has never known what it is like to play in the majors. A slight knock to Mike Qaude but in my mind this explains why Ryno needs to be the next manager.