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6 responses to “Schadenfreude: Tony La Russa and Colby Rasmus Aren’t in Love”

  1. jstraw

    I just want to say that with regard to Zambrano, I thought it was possible, desirable and likely…and have been saying so all along (with a few lapses in my faith that it was likely).

    So there.

    Oh, and I’m all Shadenfreudey about the Cards too. I know Rasmus has been ultra-douchey about all this…but it could be worth considering, bringing him to the Cubs…just to stick it to the Cardinals.

    1. Cardfan

      Take ‘em both….AS LONG AS you take that POS batting coach, as well (and I am not referring to the elder Rasmus)

      1. jstraw

        THAT will never heppen.

  2. Cardfan

    My feelings for McDrinkin have been eloquently summed in the following video:

    Even a cameo of Ace’s cubsbrickyard photo. If you watch it, be sure to stay for the “sponsored by” at the end…