Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts may have recently participated in the television show ‘Undercover Boss.’

Although Cubs officials won’t confirm, rumors are circulating that Ricketts served as a member of the grounds crew and security staff while filming the CBS production. The show, as you may or may not know, involves high level company officials (CEOs, owners, etc.) going “undercover” in various entry-level positions in their companies.

Although the Bosses usually change their appearance slightly, it’s hard to imagine a highly visible guy like Ricketts not being recognized, particularly at Wrigley Field. Keep your eye on the upcoming TV schedule.

  • jstraw

    Nice to see Ricketts focusing on the important things.

  • David Reese

    I was at a cubs game on sept 6th and I noticed that a TV crew was following around a hot dog vendor, It didn’t look like Mr. Rickets to me but as you said they can be disguised.
    Maybe something that might help with your “investigation”?

    • bodman

      I guess its Todd Ricketts who did it, not Tom. He grew out a beard and wore sunglasses. Im still not sure how nobody could figure out whats going on when camera crews our everywhere following him.

      • Ace

        And especially considering it was such a big hit last season – camera crew following a new employee? Pretty much a lock that it’s this show.

  • jh

    I honestly did not believe I could have less respect & confidence in Ricketts until now. True or not, this would not be a stretch for a glad-handing, clueless figurehead like Ricketts. Wrigley is now his (and his trustfund family’s) playground to inflate their ego’s & that must not even be enough. For someone to parade so embarrassingly as he has (see the statue unvailing for Harry if you have questions) after his team’s pathetic season is remarkable.
    First year or not, a “true fan” such as Ricketts claims to be would have made changes (other than the asthetics & revenue streams that increase profits) to appease a very loyal fanbase. This is just another example that the new owner’s focus is on everything but the product on the field. I almost miss the Trib; at least the only embarrasing part of our beloved Cubs were the teams.

    • Butcher

      It’s hard for me to be overly critical of Ricketts at this point. He inherited an absolute mess. However, if visible steps aren’t taken in the coming years to build a consistent winner, then I’m ready to start the witch hunt.

    • wax_eagle

      Ill be honest, there is something to be said for sitting back and learning about an organization, even one you are familiar with before making wholesale changes. I think it would be ridiculous for a new owner of any sports team with no history of sports team ownership of any kind to come in and start making wholesale changes.

      I am sure Mr. Ricketts has some things in mind already after a season of observing, but he is an intelligent man with knowledge of markets and how they operate, and I presume some leadership ability. I think he is probably showing that through his restraint.

      One of the main principals of leadership is that you need to take stock of a new situation, and observe before you come in and change things for the sake of making change. Give the Ricketts family a few years and I think you will see positive changes.

  • M_Matthews

    It’s weird that companies participate for the show and the websites are updated soo slowly. I was made aware that Choice Hotels was going to be on the show via Twitter and this link, long before CBS updated their site to show. Odds will be that the Cubs news won’t post for sure until the week before the airing.