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9 responses to “Milwaukee Brewers Issue Fake Press Release Making Fun of Jim Hendry”

  1. Jared Sipes

    Seriously? How childish is this? Regardless of whatever embarrassing truth lies behind the “chapter titles.” I could NEVER see any other club doing this in the big leagues. They really need to quit with the crybaby act.

  2. jstraw

    The story at the link doesn’t support the statement “The Milwaukee Brewers distributed…”

    It’s really a douche move but let’s wait and see who actually takes the fall for it.

    But assuming that the Brewers own this, yeah…fuck them…even if I agree with the general premise…and even if it’s well…you know…pretty funny.

  3. Mike

    I honestly believe this is from a Cubs fan. There is no way that a Brewers fan is that knowledgable about their OWN team let alone the Cubs.
    But this is true. Hendry needs to go I guess this is their way to cover it up by doing it in Milwaukee.

  4. bt

    Wow, even if you agree 100% with everything it says, this is beyond classless if the Brewers had any hand in it.

  5. brian

    I bet JH did this to gain support from Cubs fans

  6. brian

    I bet JH did this to gain support from Cubs fans.