The Milwaukee Brewers distributed a “press release” before tonight’s game, purportedly issued by the Chicago Cubs regarding a new book by General Manager Jim Hendry.

Under a headline that said “A new book certain to be a best seller” was the fake book title: “How to Finish Near Last Place with the Highest Payroll in the League.”

The release said: “Read in Jim Hendry’s own words how the Chicago Cubs managed to finish near the bottom of the National League Central; Division with the highest payroll in the National League.”

It also said the chapters included:

“Why I signed Milton Bradley!”

“Why I released Casey McGehee only to see him hit 20 home runs and drive in nearly 100 runs for a division rival!”

“Why I hired former Pittsburgh general manager Dave Littlefield, the man who helped make the Pirates what they are today, as my special assistant!”

“How I botched the recall of Micah Hoffpauir from our minor league team in Iow by losing track of the number of days that he was in the minors!”

“Why I signed players to long-term contracts with limited trade options!”

The release ended with the sentence: “Reserve your copy today!” Chicago Breaking Sports.

That is totally shameful, and there is clearly no truth behind that humor. *stoic ninja face emoticon*

  • Jared Sipes

    Seriously? How childish is this? Regardless of whatever embarrassing truth lies behind the “chapter titles.” I could NEVER see any other club doing this in the big leagues. They really need to quit with the crybaby act.

  • jstraw

    The story at the link doesn’t support the statement “The Milwaukee Brewers distributed…”

    It’s really a douche move but let’s wait and see who actually takes the fall for it.

    But assuming that the Brewers own this, yeah…fuck them…even if I agree with the general premise…and even if it’s well…you know…pretty funny.

    • Ace

      That might be my bad – I assumed that it would be pretty hard to widely distribute materials inside the ballpark without some kind of endorsement from the team.

      • jstraw

        But it’s not widely…sounds like a couple dozen went into media guides or something.

        • Ace

          Yeah, I guess that’s not that wide. Interesting access, though.

  • Mike

    I honestly believe this is from a Cubs fan. There is no way that a Brewers fan is that knowledgable about their OWN team let alone the Cubs.
    But this is true. Hendry needs to go I guess this is their way to cover it up by doing it in Milwaukee.

  • bt

    Wow, even if you agree 100% with everything it says, this is beyond classless if the Brewers had any hand in it.

  • brian

    I bet JH did this to gain support from Cubs fans

  • brian

    I bet JH did this to gain support from Cubs fans.