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2 responses to “Mike Quade Clearly Doesn’t Understand the Point of Putting Tyler Colvin at First Base”

  1. Jeff

    Unless the guy is god awful in practice and looks like he can’t play the postion, this is all about Quade trying to keep a job he has very little chance at, more so if an error or two from a rookie first baseman costs the team a couple of wins.

    We could be optimistic and hope that Quade has some insight into the offseason and knows that Hendry will be bringing in a big money first baseman, so he wants Colvin developing in the outfield, but this is the Cubs, so he’s just hanging on to the job with everything he can and hoping for the best.

  2. jim

    “Q” as the veteran players say is the right choice for the Cubs. He has had the luxury of an easy schedule as Lou had a losing record versus all the title contenders.
    Quade immediately took Colvin out of the picture at 1b giving his job to Nady which there is no comparison for the future of the team. Moving one of the integral parts of the vitamin C team would have given us some answers to the future of 1b. If Nady is our future starter there, forget the winning attitude for next year. “Q” is like Lou, win with the vets & forget looking at the young kids who earned a major league look. We have seen enough of Berg & Russell. We need to bring up more from Tennessee & maybe Iowa & Hendry should make “Q” play some of them with some starters.

    If Quade gets the nod, then look for the same staff next year & that is really where we need a change of attitudes in the dugout. Jaramillo is treated an outcast with lou’s original staff & its time for change. Hendry will lose Ryno to another team if he doesn’t get his head on straight. He told Ryno to go down & get experience & he did that by winning big, being named AA & AAA Manager of the Year two years in a row. Hendry denied him players like Castro, cashner, Chirinos/Castillo, & Vitters early to keep the fan pressure off Lou if Ryno won big early. But Ryno proved him wrong. He will play some youth, handle the Vets & Rookies with the same discipline, not play favorites like Baker & Nady everyday and surely make most Cub fans happier knowing he will take all of his qualities & give the Cubs Nartion a winner.
    “Q” is for himself where Ryno would have been just as good if not better & play for the future. We need a new Pitching coach & defensive coach. I would like Denier (Cub blood) & Jaramillo to get a chance to work their specialty trade.

    Lastly, Big Z is a key for next year along with Gorzellany who both got litterly screwd by this staff when they were both moved to the bullpen earlier in the season. Fukodome lost playing time because of Nady getting all the time at 1b. “Dome” can play defense with the best of them, keeps a good attitude, & has produced numbers as of late.
    Ricketts says the fans feelings don’t count but he wants our money at the gate. Tommy & family, look at the votes for Manager and guess who is #1 in every poll. We are talking about a leader with thousands of voters. Wake up & take charge of the franchise & do the right thing.
    Besides the Seattle looking at Ryno, the rumor has it the Cardinals are seriously interested in Ryno to replace Larusso.. How many teams will be chasing or knocking down “Q”S” doors. If only Hendry could figure it out. Big Jim is afraid of the fan popularity Ryno brings to the table.