Chicago Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez cleared things up yesterday regarding his intentions for 2011, after the day before muddying the waters by suggesting he may yet decide to opt-out of his contract and leave this winter.

Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez dispelled speculation he might opt out of his contract by telling the Sun-Times on Monday that he will exercise his $14.6 million player option for 2011 and stay with the Cubs.


Ramirez made a similar assertion in July, but after continuing media questions over the weekend about his opt-out rights — and his vague responses — he made his intentions clear Monday.

”Yes,” he said of his plans to return. ”I’m leaning on it.”


”I’m staying here,” he said. ”Put it that way.” CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.


The 2011 option, in total, is worth $16.6 million, and although Ramirez has rehabilitated his value somewhat over the last month and a half, it hasn’t been a banner 2010 season for the third baseman. So exercising the option always made a hell of a lot more sense than walking.

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