Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 7, Cardinals 2 – September 14, 2010

I am working hard to take joy in beating the Cardinals as something unto itself, and not think about how this team is finally playing well when it doesn’t matter anymore (they were officially eliminated from playoff contention on Monday). The Cubs smacked Cy Young candidate Adam Wainwright around like he was former Cy Young candidate Adam Wainwright.

And one Cub in particular is quietly looking sufficiently good that he’s pushing another Cub out of a job next year.

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18 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 7, Cardinals 2 – September 14, 2010”

  1. Cardfan

    I truly hope your enjoying this crap…

    the reds…the fricking REDS, Dusty Baker and all, are backing into the division crown with neither of our teams in sight. What an embarassment…

    go Padres!

  2. Cardfan

    As far as this season goes, you are probably already in stage 6 of the grief process -”Reconstructing and Working Through”. I, on the other hand, have just stepped into Stage 3 – “Anger and Bargaining”.

    You can enjoy. I can be pissed as hell.

    So the world turns…

  3. al

    Hey dumbass cardfan THE REDS ARENT BACKING INTO THE DIVISON CROWN THEYRE KICKIN OUR BUTTS AS WELL AS YOURS!! can you say THE CUBS HELPED PUT THE NAIL IN OUR COFFIN!! HAHA go back to st louis you backend tony larussa fan!!

    1. Cardfan

      Wow, Al – great insight…

      The Cardinals are 12-6 against the Reds this year. In fact, against the 1st or 2nd place teams in the NL (ATL, PHI, SD, SF, STL), the Reds are a whopping 16-31. Sure the Cubbies handed them a fistful of wins (12, I think), but the Cardinals managed to screw themselves by consistently losing to the bottom-dwellers. Transversely, the Cardinals are 28-17 against the 1st or 2nd place NL teams. Hence my obvious frustration and dismay. The Reds don’t have a chance to make it out of the first series. They are done before they get started. Another banner year for the NL Central.

      Check your facts before you lock your caps key, you frickin genius…

      1. Bric

        It’s obvious you’re frustrated. You’re throwing out words like “transversely”.

  4. al

    I was’nt stating facts…..merely an observation…look whos the fricken genius the reds are in first place and youre complaining on a cubs website… and yer still a cards fan!!

    1. Cardfan

      Forget your cap lock?

  5. al


  6. al

    Whats the matter cardfan..they dont have a cardinalnation you go whine and complain on??

    1. ed

      hey al, I think cardfan pretty much put it in your face so…….. you know, shut up

  7. al

    @ ed your opinion not everyones so why dont you and cardfan go jump into the middle of lake slap each other on the ass and f&@k yourself.

    1. ed

      Cause your already there with your mother. Tell her I said hey.

      1. rylan

        thats awesome haha

  8. al

    thats rich….. asshole