As you may know by now, the Chicago Cubs have released their full 2011 season schedule. The Cubs get the AL East in interleague play this year, at least in part, and among the highlights: Cubs head to Fenway May 20 to 22, and the Yanks come to Wrigley June 17 to 19.

The season opens at home against the Pirates (aw crap) on April 1.

Check out the full schedule after the jump.4/1-3 vs. PIT
4/4-6 vs. ARI
4/8-10 @ MIL
4/11-13 @ HOU
4/15-17 @ COL
4/18-20 vs SD
4/22-24 vs LAD
4/25-27 vs COL
4/28 – 5/1 @ ARI
5/2-4 @ LAD
5/6-8 vs CIN
5/10-12 vs STL
5/13-15 vs SF
5/16-17 @ CIN
5/18-19 @ FLA
5/20-22 @ BOS
5/24-26 vs NYM
5/27-29 vs PIT
5/30 – 6/1 vs HOU
6/3-5 @ STL
6/6-8 @ CIN
6/9-12 @ PHI
6/13-16 vs MIL
6/17-19 vs NYY
6/20-22 @ CWS
6/24-26 @ KC
6/28-30 vs SF
7/1-3 vs CWS
7/4-7 @ WSH
7/8-10 @ PIT
7/14-17 vs FLA
7/18-20 vs PHI
7/22-24 vs HOU
7/26-28 @ MIL
7/29-31 @ STL
8/1-4 @ PIT
8/5-7 vs CIN
8/8-10 vs WSH
8/12-14 @ ATL
8/15-17 @ HOU
8/19-21 vs STL
8/22-25 vs ATL
8/26-28 @ MIL
8/29-31 @ SF
9/2-4 vs PIT
9/5-7 vs CIN
9/9-11 @ NYM
9/12-15 @ CIN
9/16-18 vs HOU
9/19-21 vs MIL
9/23-25 @ STL
9/26-28 @ SD

  • scubathreefifty

    The future appears bleak! Another year to live with Hendry mistakes, sucking up large chunks of payroll with very little return. Three more years of Soriano, OMG!! No 1B and no money. It’s a real bitch when the hot new owners onl;y goal is to get the state to fix Wrigley and improve the farm system….oh and to cut payroll! Now that really coming out of the box fireing! Keeping Hendry, since he still has contract time left $$$$ another real forward looking answer. He just awaiting 2012 when he can unload Fuke’s payroll. For 2012, payroll should be around $50 mill, that team would be a real competitor….BS! If you can’t afford the overhead and loan repayments, then why didn’t you park your ego and find something else to do with it, besides giving Cubs fans another Bill Wrigley……that’s code for a 5 year rebuilding program. I have now seen at least 15 of those programs and the result is always the same, make a bunch of money for the owner and field garbage. Looks like a 2nd hundred are in the Cubs future.

    • Ace

      As frustrated as I am, I still believe that these guys realize the team will not be as profitable if it sucks – so even if all they’re about is money, they must know they need to field a competitive team.

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