Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts tossed out a tidbit yesterday when discussing the new manager search. Namely, he said that whoever gets the job must understand the history of the Cubs – particularly the whole 102 years of losing shit.

Ricketts has not said much publicly about the managerial search, other than that he wants a candidate that provides the team with the best chance to win and break the 102-year championship drought. But the issue came up during the panel, and Ricketts addressed some of the unique pressures managing a wildly popular team with a starving fan base.

“We have to have a manager who really understands … the scrutiny you get and (must) be able to handle those periods in June when you lose three games in a row and people start talking about Year 103 of the curse,” Ricketts said. “We have to someone who understands what they’re getting into.” Chicago Breaking Sports.

On first blush it would appear Ricketts just tipped his hand, and that the Cubs are expecting to hire someone like Ryne Sandberg, who, with a long history in the Cubs organization, assuredly understands what it’s like to be a Cub.

But note that all Ricketts really said is that the manager needs to come into this gig with his eyes open – if you don’t win, the pressure will mount, and it will be unlike the pressure that accompanies 90% of the managerial jobs in MLB. That does not preclude an outsider getting the job – he just needs to be properly warned.

  • Cardfan

    you guys i must admit that the cubs are way better than the cardinals

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