So, you’re probably wondering why this EBS is so incredibly late. Awkward confession: I’m a Michigan fan. Thus, I was watching Michigan embarrass itself against UMass, and eke out a victory far too close for comfort.

As for the Cubs, Ryan Dempster flashed brilliance again, and bullpen combined on the shutout. Swell.

  • kyseinen

    I was at the game. Castro also botched another play (didn’t turn a double play). I’m not sold on the kid. At all.

    Sean Marshall for president.

    • Ace

      For every easy one he boots, he makes a great play. The errors are a concern, no doubt; but just as we would give him time to develop at the plate, we should give him time to develop in the field. It just happened that he doesn’t need much time to develop at the plate.

  • Cardfan

    i like men

    • Cardfan

      Wow Al, you are a bitter dude. Now you’ve taken to impersonating me?


      • brian

        Sorry Cardfan, this is not an accurate representation of Cub’s fans and again just want to show some class on behalf of us who are civil and respect the rivalry that is Cubs vs. Cards. So again i’d like to express my apologies for this a-hole with a first grade education.

        • Cardfan

          Cheers, Brian! The rivalry is deserving of respect.

          …and here’s to my son giving J Dub’s son a rash of shit and vice versa 20 years from now. Prod to be a Cardsfan!

      • Ace

        I think that actually may have been someone other than Al. Lame, nonetheless.

  • http://www.weareworkers.com J Dub

    You know, it’s starting to be nice to see the Cubs win again, even if it means nothing. I will say this to all you disheartened fans out there: I just had a child. His name is Otis, and consarnit, he will love this team like we do, day in and day out, even when they have a season like this. I was taught to love my team and he will be too, no doubt we need to be running things a lot better, but at the end of the day, doesn’t it feel nice to share the load? Seriously, it’ll happen soon enough. Even if I’m 90, sharing this with my son will be enough. I know my grandpa feels the same, and the Hell with any Cards fans that want to taunt about us losing forever. If we win we win, but being a Cubs fan is a magical experience. Even if it never happens, I’m prod to bring my boy into the fold. Having said that, Ricketts better get his shit together 😉

    • http://www.weareworkers.com J Dub

      I will say that that comment would have been so much more effective if I had spelled “proud” correctly.

      • Ace

        I liked it as prod.

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