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2 responses to “OMG Adam Dunn: He Expects to Return to Nationals”

  1. KB

    His agent isn’t doing his job if he lets Dunn sign before having him test the FA waters. Two teams known for giving out absurdly big contracts (the Cubs and the Yankees) have a legit need for his exact type.

    OTOH, although I love Dunn, I really question whether we’ll be a contender next year; and if we’re not, it makes no sense to sign him.

  2. Jeff

    Add in the fact that Washington short changed him during his last contract negotiation. Unless they have some unknown windfall from the short lived “Strasburg is the best pitcher ever” fiasco, he’s going to get jobbed again. If I were him, I would absolutely look for free agent money this offseason while he can still command it. I’m not sure he’s where the Cubs should spend the money they have to spend, but he does fill a pretty big hole that’s been there for a while, and it would be very interesting to see what the Cubs play like with a consistent left handed power hitter in the middle of the lineup.